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Do you have concerns about Westside Road BC.  Here you can read peoples comments and/or post your own comment regarding the maintenance, disrepair or any other issue you have about Westside Road B.C..  Fill out the form below to have your comment posted below the comment form on this page on  If you post your comment here on, when we see a few comments posted, we will send the link to the MOTI to read.  We will keep sending the link to the MOTI to read, as comments accumulate.

Last updated January 25, 2015

Click on your refresh button in the top menu, to be sure you see any updates.

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Has Westside Road been so icy that you were spinning out?

Was the snow building up?

Were there patches with no salt or sand spread?

Have you hit a deep pothole and got a flat or bent rim, like what happened to us?  Did you know that a pothole can cause your vehicle to go out of control?  Potholes are not safe.  If you hit or see a deep pothole, take out a measuring tape and measure how deep it is, then when you get home tell your MLA and the Ministry.  Then post how deep the hole was using the form below to warn others.  Did you know you may be able to make a claim to the Ministry of Transportation for the cost of repairs to your vehicle if you get a flat tire or bent rim due to disrepair of Westside Road?  Also measure how deep the snow built up or how deep the slush is before being plowed and post it here.   If you take a photo, you can email us your photos along with the date and time, and we will post them here on this page below.

Sure wouldn't be nice fixing a flat tire in the middle of winter now would it?  Or how about going off Westside Road into Okanagan Lake?

Make any comment about Westside Road BC by filling out this form below.

See photos below of just how bad Westside Road BC can be.

We don't need a freeway, but we do need regular maintenance for safety reasons!

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In 2005 in British Columbia, 459 people were killed*, and 78,000 people** were injured in motor vehicle crashes on our roads.

On a typical day:

There were 695 motor vehicles crashes
57 vehicles were stolen
87 vehicles were broken into
74 vehicles were vandalized
215 people were injured in crashes — including four cyclists and six pedestrians.
At least one person died.

This means that there was one car crash approximately every two minutes and someone was injured almost every seven minutes

*Police (TAS) Traffic Accident System Data (2005 Fatality Count is not fixed. Fatality data continues to settle over time.)
**ICBC Data


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Do you feel that because Westside Road is so narrow and dangerous that its maintenance and repair should be a priority over other more popular and safer roads?


Fill out this form and your comment will be posted on this same page below. Your community, name, address, phone number, and email address are not required and only a comment is required.

(If your community is not listed above, please type it in below and choose "other community" above)
 disguise your email address from spam similar to this below
 name "at"
*(required)   Enter the word "spam" in this text box
 to help combat spammers.


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Here are People's comments about Westside Road BC posted below this sentence.

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COMMUNITY: Westside Road
EMAIL: name "at" for instance
Remote Name:
Remote User:
HTTP User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; Trident/5.0)
Date: April 21, 2014


Christy Clark has said she keeps her promises. Lets see the action of her words this year not the next 20. At least 3 very dangerous spots require at the least urgent repair .This is not just a matter of improvement but the risk of more lives lost. Get on it for goodness sake!!!!!!!


NAME: Darren Pittman
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 2509386476
EMAIL: dspitt "at"
Date: November 30, 2013


Westside Rd is Brutal.......Christy Clark please help us.........You said you would....I hope you stick it out for the sake of all our safety. Last time I travelled that road there was a cart upside down in the middle of the road and black ice in at least a dozen places. Not to mention the rocks on the road rolling down the banks.

NAME: Fintry Camper
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
EMAIL: name "at" for instance
Date: May 28, 2013


While Westside road is certainly narrow and winding in places, I would not consider the road dangerous, but the moronic drivers I have seen numerous times driving in an aggressive and dangerous manner result in death and injury to themselves and innocent drivers on that road. I feel that increased policing and severe penalties are in order for those individuals that do not value their own lives or the lives of others. Increased RCMP presence on that road should be required. Straightening and widening the road won't stop the idiots, they'll simply drive faster and more aggressively. Need to hit their wallets and pull their licenses and impound their vehicles or nothing will change on that road. My 2 cents worth.

NAME: Newbie
COMMUNITY: Killiney Beach
EMAIL: cre8freedom at
Date: April 15, 2013


A new-resident point of view: My husband and I are moving to the Killiney Beach area in a month and the first thing 90% of the people say when we tell them we are moving there has to do with the condition of Westside rd. I really hope they fix the spots where you fear you might drop off the cliff because your vehicle leans to that side - oh and that long snake-like section where half of the side has patching that makes the drive feel like a bumpy roller coaster ride. I must admit I am worried this road will be impossible to drive in the winter time and I look forward to seeing what improvements will be made to ensure the safety of all local residents. A ferry from Fintry to Carrs Landing sure would be nice if they can't fix the road up!

COMMUNITY: Westside Road
EMAIL: name "at" for instance
Date: April 14, 2013


In the recent road improvements on Westside Road, I'm curious to see how the recent motorist fared when he went of the corner with all the gravel on the payment. I just about lost control on this corner just north of Lake Okanagan Resort, and I travel this road every day. The effort to fix the spring thaw sections has just been compounded to the point of making the road extremely dangerous. Motorists beware even more!!!!

NAME: John
COMMUNITY: Westside Road
EMAIL: name "at" for instance
Date: April 14, 2013


I am flabbergasted at the misuse of government funds for road improvement on Weside Road. In a recent effort to fix a Ninety degree bend in the road, I'm appalled at the solution engineering came up with to remove the hill on the outside bend of the 90 when it would have been way more cost effective to fill the inside portion of the curve. It makes me wonder what side deals are going on as they are hauling the fill that they are removing from the side hill to West Kelowna and beyond. It's no wonder funding never really sees much improvement on this road cause it is wasted by stupidity. I wonder what bright schemes they have in place for addressing the real issues of the road where it is slipping in the lakeside. What happens the day that this area actually gives way and the road becomes impassible? They better start coming up with some effective before more people lose their lives and a lawsuit ensues. says: The Ministry of Transportation are wasting money so they don't have any money left to fix the expensive parts that really are a danger and need fixing.  That corner was good to have there because it slowed people down.  Driving fast on Westside Road does not help the animals that get hit all the time.  Some big bright reflective signs would have suffice for that corner you mention.  Now all peeps will do is speed and crash at another corner, duh!!!

From: North Westsider
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:34 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: Tekano, Murray TRAN:EX
Cc: Diane Baldwin <zoeandus "at">
Subject: Westside Road Construction

To Ministry of Transportation Murray Tekano:

I see your working on Westside Road wrecking it at the Kelowna end. I don't see how that corner your taking out is any more dangerous than the three sections falling into Okanagan Lake? Thank goodness for small miracles that the WFN gravel pit that was proposed to go in beside LaCasa didn't go in. Just look at what the big trucks are doing to all those sections where the Ministry has put up poles and signs warning of broken pavement.

I would be more worried about vehicles going off the broken pavement on at least three non-shoulder sections on the Lake side that the Ministry is not working on, than where the Ministry is currently fixing up.

Wouldn't 4 warning signs be sufficient for that corner your currently working on taking out?

Tonight I saw some nice bright signs on Otter Lake Cross Road that I couldn't miss .. each sign was across the road from each other saying slow to 50 km per hour. These signs were just North of Tolko Mill Armstrong, and just north of the railway tracks at Tolko. There were bright orange reflective type poles holding the two signs. Wouldn't two bright warning signs on opposite sides of the road be sufficient for that corner the Ministry is currently taking out. In my opinion that corner helps people to slow down, which in turn helps to keep Westside Road safe and keeps animals from being hit.

I don't believe bright signs can fix Westside Road where those three sections are falling into Okanagan Lake, because there is no room for error there.

I believe some blasting is in order for those three sections falling into Okanagan Lake that I mentioned, as there is rock facings that need to be blasted out to make the road wider there. The Ministry has to do some thing about Westside Road falling into the Lake.

Instead of spending money on what your working on, if there isn't enough money to fix the sections falling into Okanagan Lake now, maybe wait a few years and save some money up instead of spending it on parts that don't need fixing.

I believe that the Ministry is wasting money taking out that corner that is currently being worked on. I know of a more dangerous corner that big trucks have a hard time manoeuvring. Specifically that very narrow corner with the cement barricade on the Lake side where you see scrap marks on the cement barricade from vehicles hitting it because its so narrow.

Thank you
North Westsider

CC: North Westside Road Ratepayers Association President Diane Baldwin.
Hello North Westsider:

I am writing further to your email on February 21st, 2013, to Murray Tekano. Murray has asked me to respond on his behalf as I have been closely involved in this project.

I understand your concerns with the broken pavement that has arisen since the most recent construction began. This damage was large in part due to the warm temperatures recently and the frost coming out of the ground, some restrictions have been placed on construction truck hauling and we will continue to closely monitor the condition of Westside road during construction. Our maintenance contractor will be repairing these areas starting February 21st, 2013 and the temporary warning signs identifying these damaged areas will be taken down.

I appreciate your questions and concerns regarding our current works and other sections along Westside rd.

The project we are doing at Cinnebar creek is to address an unsafe, sub-standard curve and bring that section up to our current standards and a 70km\hr speed zone that is in line with other recent improvements along Westside rd. Although signage is appropriate in some instances, improving alignment and road widths is always the safer long term option when the funding is available.

I am not aware of any sections of Westside rd that are falling into the lake as you have mentioned, however, the three sections I believe you are speaking about have been reviewed by Ministry staff. As I am sure you are aware, construction in this location will be quite costly and difficult and as with all of our projects it is funding dependant. As part of our ongoing improvements to Westside rd, a project at the north end of this section from Blue Grouse to Jenny Cr is set to begin in the next few weeks and we will continue to assess this section for the possibility of future projects as funding becomes available.

If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly at 250-712-3666 or by email at steve.sirett "at"

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Steve Sirett
District Program Manager - Okanagan Shuswap
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure
#300 – 1358 St. Paul Street
Kelowna BC
V1Y 2E1

Office: 250-712-3666
Cell: 250-878-1834

CC: Murray Tekano

CC: North Westside Road Ratepayers Association President Diane Baldwin.
Hello Steve:

Can you please direct your attention away from what you are doing and fix the 3 problem area's I have described that are falling into the Lake (real problems)?

The Ministry is not going to have any funding to fix the real problems, the way the Ministry is spending it!!!

Thank you
North Westsider

cc: North Westside Road Ratepayers Association President Diane Baldwin

COMMUNITY: Westside Road
EMAIL: name "at" for instance
Date: February 06, 2013


Today, Jan.6,2013. Road improvements are being made between Cinnabar Creek and Lake Okanagan Resort. All road improvements are welcome. Unfortunately I MUST complain since the company responsible for the road work has disregarded safety to all who drove that road today. After we exited the work zone, southbound we noticed many sections of Westside Road along the shoulder were broken up with very large chunks of loose asphalt. After passing the third broken section we noticed a pattern. Many more sections were broken well into our lane including around blind corner bends. We caught up to a dump truck and witnessed a 3' x 3' section of shoulder completely disintegrate under its weight. I feared that a large chunk of asphalt would hit our windshield. Shouldn't it be illegal for them to continue to operate such heavy machinery on a road that is obviously thawing from a deep freeze? They did notice the problem because as we travelled home from Kelowna a few hours later they had placed several highway cones on the broken pavement. I am very disappointed that the highways would allow these risks to take place! They did not seize to work because heavy duty trucks were continuing the route both times we travelled through.

NAME: darrell wood
COMMUNITY: Muir Subdivision
PHONENUMBER: 250-860-3091
EMAIL: wood.yd "at"
Date: July 26, 2012


the last statement i received said balance due 17,239.89. due date Aug. 10 2012 . i paid at the bank , and it came back next day . rdco said i missed the july 12 date and they can't do anything about it . i argued the new due date , they said it was a mistake on their part , sorry . now i have to do the 30 year deal at 30,000. they would not change their mind even though it is their mistake . anyone else having this problem . i think i'm going to go to my MLA .

FYI: Darrell is speaking about the newly built Upper Fintry/Valley of the Sun/Shalal Road Community Water System.

NAME: joe akers
ADDRESS: 519 leah road
COMMUNITY: Killiney Beach
PHONENUMBER: 2505033084
EMAIL: todamax "at"
Date: November 17, 2011


after 15 years out in northwestside area and still the road south of la casa and north of parker cove have yet to be repaired ever...this is beating my vehicles up unnecessarily and needs immediate attention...repave these please or start getting everybodys repair bills...last week i spent 2k on my dodge steering arms and alignment...

Blue Divider Line

November 15, 2011

This is what the Ministry of Transportation says about Paving Westside Road and Valley of the Sun

Westside Road is one of the districts’ priority roads whenever we look at addressing our side road infrastructure. It is not our only priority and must be rated alongside competing provincial priorities for limited funding.

Our Maintenance Contractor, Argo Road Maintenance will be out tomorrow to patch the shoulder pot holes and ensure continued maintenance throughout the winter season. Next year Argo is planning to sealcoat the Valley of the Sun area and quite possibly two areas on Westside Road , one each north and south of La Casa. Discussions and planning are preliminary at this time with the exception of the Valley of the Sun which we have committed to doing next year.

Should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email.

Danny Morris,
District Operations Manager, Vernon
Ministry of Transportation,
desk - (250)503-3632
cell - (250)308-8600
fax - (250)503-3631

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Our Director told us during one RDCO Board Meeting that if we want to see anything done about Westside Road, we need to contact our MLA and let him know our concerns, and to contact our MLA more than once he said.  Wouldn't hurt to pass this link around to others you know that use Westside Road B.C.

If you have comments regarding the maintenance or disrepair of Westside Road B.C. please contact both:

your MLA Ben Stewart - Kelowna office 250-768-8426 - Victoria: 250-387-1023

and your District Manager of Transportation - Murray Tekano - by phone 250-712-3629

or write the Ministry of Transportation (District Manager Transportation Okanagan Shuswap District) #300-1358 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, B.C., V1Y-2E1


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BC Transportation Minister - Blair Lekstrom - Minister.Transportation "at" - 250-387-1978

MLA Westside - Kelowna - Ben Stewart - ben.stewart.mla "at" - Kelowna office 250-768-8426
Victoria: 250-387-1023

District Manager of Transportation - Murray Tekano - Murray.Tekano "at" - 250-712-3629

West Kelowna Mayor - Doug Findlater - doug.findlater "at" - 250-801-3814 cell

West Kelowna Mayor and Council - mayorandcouncil "at" - 778-797-2210

ENQUIRY BC 1-800-663-7867

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Below is the story of an accident we had driving off the edge of Westside Road November 10, 2011

Click any of the photos below for a larger picture.
This is where our Westside Road story begins.
  The tape measure shows a depth of Westside Road missing approx. 6 or 7 inches deep.

This stretch of Westside Road is not far from the south side of La Casa along that long straight stretch.  Watch for oncoming cars and try and stay out of this hole.  There is no room for error here.  If you have a wide vehicle, be very careful.  There is quite a chunk of pavement missing, making the lane fairly narrow.

The hole in Westside Road shown in the photos above made this dent in the rim when we hit it.
Not sure if the tire is alright until we install it on a new rim to see if it holds air.
If you have low profile tires, this hole could create a problem for you like it did for us.
Luckily we left early and could still make our appointment almost on time.
We have driven thousand and thousands of miles and never before has this ever happened to us.

We did hit a pot hole one time trying to pass a gravel truck when we lived at the Coast that threw our car around, but we didn't get a bent rim or flat tire out of it that time.  Sure made our car go from one side of the road to the other though.  Luckily we didn't get into an accident that time.  These potholes could be one reason how some people end up in Okanagan Lake.. who knows.

The first vehicle to stop and offer help was a brown colored vehicle.  The male driver told us that his girlfriend just did the same thing (hit a pot hole getting a flat tire) not too long before we had our accident.  He helped by staying with us to make sure we could loosen the lug nuts and then he left because he was in a hurry and we felt we could change the tire as long as the lug nuts were not rusted on.


The donut needed air we found out after we got the spare donut on and there was only 15 lbs of air in it.  Its a good idea to check the air in your donut before winter sets in so you don't have to freeze to death putting air in on the side of the road somewhere like we did.  That's if you happen to have an air compressor with you.  Luckily winter hadn't set in yet and it wasn't freezing this day.  We bought our little air compressor at Canadian Tire for under $15, which if you live out Westside Road is well worth the money!  Ours plugs into the cigarette lighter.
By looking at the pavement you can see in this photo that someone must have scraped bottom.  There are lines dug into the pavement.
If you want to make a claim for damages, contact Erik Lachmuth

As it so happened we were very lucky because the Area Manager Erik Lachmuth happened to be driving by and saw us.  He pulled over behind our car and put his flashing beacon on.  Then he helped by holding the measuring tape while we took photos and driving us home to get the battery operated air compressor so we could pump the donut up, and then he drove us back to the scene.

That would be Erik holding the tape measure in the photo above.  He was a great help... thanks a lot Erik!!!  We really appreciate that you could help us out by giving us a ride so we could make our appointment almost on time!!  Good thing we left early.

  Did you happen to notice the two hubcaps in the photo above .. the one Toyota hubcap was sitting right beside Westside Road where we stopped after hitting the hole, and on the same side of the road as the hole, and the other Mazda hubcap was across on the other side of Westside Road almost directly across the road from the other hubcap and where we stopped.

Do you have a Toyota or Mazda missing its hubcap?
Did you get a flat tire hitting a hole on Westside Road, please let us know and we will start a count here of all the people getting flat tires.
We noticed this hole wasn't the only one in the area and since there were two hub caps laying there, we must not have been the only one that hit that hole.
We wonder if anyone else got a flat there too?
We left the hubcaps there just as they are sitting in the photo, so if you want to find them look on the right side of Westside Road heading toward Kelowna not far past La Casa on that long straight stretch.

It was kind of funny because just before we were all changed up and ready to leave, a white pickup stopped to ask if we needed any help.  We explained what happened and that we were ready to start driving again.  It was nice that so many caring people stopped to help.  Thanks everyone.  We drove off and noticed the white pickup was right behind us.  We had to turn around so pulled off at the next spot, and the white pickup pulled over too.  He said you forgot your hub cap.  We had to tell him that no, those two hubcaps were someone else's LOL.

The area manager told us to email him and he would email us back with a form to fill out which we could submit to the Ministry of Transportation asking for payment for damages to the bent rim.

If you find yourself with damage due to a hole in the road that you hit, take out your cell phone or camera and a measuring tape to measure the depth of the hole so you can submit it to the Ministry.  Then email Erik and let him know so he can email you a form to fill out.  It would probably be a good idea to keep a measuring tape in your glove box along with your tire pressure gauge and sharp knife to cut a stuck seatbelt in case you are ever in an accident and your car is on fire.

There is no hot pavement being produced anymore this year we were told by a paving company we called a day or so before our accident happened and that the pavement processing company has shut down for winter now.  Erik said maybe they can find some cold patch pavement?  We said either that or some gravel!


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Links on

Argo Road Maintenance

Westside Road Improvement Committee (WRIC)

Westside Road Updates

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