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BC Ombudsman


North Westside Road BC

NOWESI (Sugar Loaf) Transfer Station Finance

in the

The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RDCO)

Central Okanagan West (COW) Electoral District

LAST UPDATE January 25, 2015

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Below are letters from the BC Ombudsman in regards to complaints about the Sugar Loaf transfer station and its finances.

There was more than one complaint filed with the BC Ombudsman.  Nothing became of the one complaint regarding the proposed La Casa transfer station.

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For more about the finances in regards to the Sugar Loaf transfer station click here.

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UPDATE January 5, 2010

The BC Ombudsman phoned and said that the Local Service Area for Sugar Loaf includes the entire Regional District and that RDCO can pool the entire districts money collected for garbage disposal into one big pot and divide it out however they feel.  Unbelievable when you read how the Ministry of Rural Development and Community Services website reads:


Regional District Taxes

Regional districts tax specific properties for specific services such as:
fire protection;
street lighting;
sewer; and
general administration.

Each service is established by bylaw which sets out the maximum amount to be charged for that service in a given year. The bylaw also defines which properties fall within the service area. A single property may fall within a number of service areas and therefore be taxed a different amount than another property depending on the number of services it receives.


Fees and Charges

Local governments use fees and charges as an alternative to property taxation for generating revenue. Typically, fees and charges are used for recovering the cost of services, or for using municipal property. For example, user fees are usually charged for sewer, water, and garbage collection. Charges are often required when applying for a building permit or a business license. In addition, fees and charges are common when using public transit, using recreation facilities and renting local government property.

Fees and charges can be a one-time amount or they can be varied according to different factors. For instance, a bus pass could be purchased that is good for one month, or a rider could choose to pay the fare each time they ride the bus. In addition, different amounts can be owing depending on the distance travelled.

The amount of a fee or charge is chosen to provide enough money to recover costs and ensure the service will continue in the future. One big fat lie. Fees are generally applied on a user-pay basis so that those who benefit from the service, bear the cost of it. For instance, a property owner may be charged directly for the cost of fire personnel responding to a false alarm so that this cost does not have to be shared by all property owners. Local governments must make available to the public, on request, a report showing how a fee was determined.


Regional District Services

Regional districts provide services on many scales – they provide local services to unincorporated rural communities, to entire electoral areas, to several electoral areas and municipalities, and sometimes to the entire region. With so many options in terms of scale of service, regional districts are able to take advantage of economies of scale and still ensure that local needs are met.

Some of the more common services provided by regional districts include:

water supply;
fire protection;
parks and recreation;
solid waste management;
economic development;
animal control;
public housing;
airports; and
television re-broadcasting.

A regional district may operate a service directly, or enter into contracts with other public authorities or private organizations. While most services are delivered within the boundary of the regional district, the regional district board may also deliver services outside its boundary under certain circumstances.

Each service provided by a regional district has its own operating and capital budgets, One big fat lie. the costs of which are recovered only from the area that benefits from the service. Although regional district services are mostly funded by property taxes, user fees and grants from other governments are other common sources of service funding particularly for capital-intensive projects such as sewer infrastructure.

Property owners who benefit from several property tax-funded services will see separate tax rates for each service on their tax bill.

Like municipalities, regional districts have broad authority operate any service that the board considers necessary or desirable for all or part of the regional district. The range of services provided by regional districts can be quite large.


Among the wide variety of optional services, there are few that regional districts are required to provide. These include general administration, land-use planning in electoral areas, and solid waste management planning.

In order to provide a new service, the regional district must adopt a "service area establishment bylaw". This bylaw outlines what the service is, how it will be delivered, who will benefit from the service, the maximum amount it will cost, and how the costs will be recovered.

Where services are provided to several areas within the regional district, some negotiation may be involved to reach agreement among representatives of the benefiting areas on the specific service arrangements.

The decision to establish a new service is made by the entire regional board, although the electors or representatives of the benefiting areas must provide consent as they will bear the cost of the service. In addition, service area establishment bylaws must be approved by the Inspector of Municipalities

Once a service has been established, the full board continues to be involved in certain instances, but decisions related to a specific service are the responsibility of those members of the board who represent the areas that receive the service. It is therefore the representatives of those who receive the service that decide how it will be run.


In regional districts, most services are provided on the basis of custom-designed sub-areas (service areas) of the regional district and areOne big fat lie. paid for by the persons in those areas (whether the service area comprises just electoral (unorganized) areas, a number of municipalities or parts of them, or a combination of both). Regional districts establish most such services through service bylaws, approved by participants in the service and by the Inspector of Municipalities.

Service bylaws cover matters such as cost-sharing among participants, boundaries and operational cost limits. For most regional district services, such matters can be the subject of a service review if One big fat lie. participants [Does THE DEFINITION OF SOLE DIRECTOR mean participants, and are residents not participants?] are unhappy with the arrangements.  No people don't have a say in anything at all ... so FU2!


Service Powers

Under the Community Charter and the Local Government Act, municipalities and regional districts have broad authority to provide any service that their respective council or board considers necessary or desirable. That could be “hard” services such as water, sewer or garbage disposal or “soft” services such as recreation, child care and economic development.


5. Fiscal equivalence. The legislation for regional districts requires a close matching between the benefits and costs of services. One big fat lie. The intent is that residents "pay for what they get". In practice, this can mean that each service that is delivered by the regional district has a cost recovery formula. To this end, the legislation provides a wide range of cost recovery tools including taxes, charges and fees and the flexibility to vary these. As well, it requires that each service be separately accounted for in the budget and accounts of the regional district.

[#5 really means that Regional Districts can charge you whatever they want]

6. Soft Boundaries. Closely related to the principles of flexibility and fiscal equivalence is soft boundaries or custom geography. Every service provided by regional districts has a defined service area, or a custom boundary which, One big fat lie. to the  maximum extent possible, attempts to match the cost recovery with the beneficiaries of the service. Whereas "hard boundaries" are boundaries that dominate the delivery of a jurisdiction's service portfolio, in a "soft boundary" system it is the natural scope of the service delivery that dominates boundary setting.


I don't believe in being governed this way, so FU2!


When I voted for director, I didn't know it meant, choose a ruler!

I re-ject my vote! I also reject government!

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Sorry... to me government is just one big fat lyer!

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By David Grossack
More people are beginning to realize that in every respect we all live on what can best called a "Global Plantation," based on social systems in which those who control resources and wealth of the world are perpetrators of large scale legal and government abuse that serves to perpetuate rule by elites. Further, what many people do not realize is that aside from the war, pollution, epidemics, and poverty, the social systems imposed upon us by the elites produce emotional sickness.

They produce psychological depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual problems, obesity, and many other forms of disturbance that plague millions of people across the globe.

The mechanisms for this are quite simple. The stress of living in highly regulated societies, with a predatory legal system results in a population which reflects the mental conditions of wounded, exploited, and bullied people. Moreover, we are tracked and watched through computers, and increasingly the entire industrialized world is being videotaped and monitored constantly. This is the beginning of a dehumanization process to which will alienate us from our individual nature and reduce us to cogs of production wheels in their factories, offices and other companies.

The disturbances may come about from being a party in a long, protracted, and ugly lawsuit. This now afflicts millions of people in the United States.

The disturbance may come about from a random IRS audit (or several of them!)

The disturbance may come about through extortion by a bureaucrat, or false arrest, or "forfeiture of assets", because a stranger used your property for an allegedly criminal purpose.

Marriages are torn apart by the stress of coping with the abuses of government and the legal system, relationships with friends, relatives, children, and the ability to enjoy life can be twisted inside out.

Our potential to live happy, productive, and fulfilled lives is being robbed from us every day by a malignant and parasitic class of lawyers, judges, and government officials who are in their essence second tier masters on the Global Plantation.

We are the victims.

But too few people realize the victimization becomes a psychological problem, that is, a problem that affects your mind and your behavior.

Once they rob us of our peace of mind and dignity, once they make us sick, we need a healing process.

I believe, as do many mental health professionals, that the most effective therapy for emotional disturbance caused by government and legal abuse is radical and militant activism directed against its sources, wherever that may lead.

What do I mean by "radical activism." I refer to picketing, demonstrations, sit-ins, organizing public communications, and in general the kind of conduct that transforms society, produces changes, and puts the wrongdoers on the defensive.

When you suffer in silence, when you allow the wrongs to stand without seeking redress and accountability, when you avoid demanding justice, you have become part of the problem.

You have told yourself that you will set aside reclaiming your dignity and demanding justice for whatever reason. But you have essentially betrayed yourself and accepted being a victim. That cannot possibly be an emotionally healthy decision. It is also likely to produce serious physiological symptoms over time.

Hours of traditional psychoanalysis will not ever be as therapeutic as organizing a picket line.

Prescription anti-depressants may help, but they are only masking the source of the problem.

Some people feel self-conscious about being in public. Others feel they ought to pray for those that hurt them. These thoughts are, in effect, self-destructive as they serve to perpetuate the victimization.

To where do we trace the origins of our problems?

On a daily basis, the face of the Global Plantation deceives. While a policeman, lawyer, or government functionary may appear to be oppressive, and can certainly act accordingly, the Phaoronic pyramidical structure of the "System" leads upwards.

But the string pullers behind events are not always transparent. The identification and role of power elites in the United States as well as in al other countries has become a subject of both academic and popular focus. Because the power elites play such a significant and arguably destructive role, and have earned the legitimate wrath of billions of people, the activism we prescribe need be directed, at least in part, at them.

They are the foundation heads, media moguls, and political power brokers. They are the controllers of multinational conglomerates, financiers of major political parties, and intelligence czars. They are the folks who own and govern the Global Plantation at the highest levels.

They are formidable adversaries and they will break the law and perjure and murder and conspire and never be held accountable except by the people. They, for all practical purposes, own the courts. The policies of local judges are directed through large institutional think tanks in Virginia, Washington D.C. and Santa Barbara, California, not at the grassroots.

To those who shy away from rebellion, I say you are going to miss the greatest of human endeavors, and your illness will remain. To those who want to be healed, get a sign, get a pen or go to your computer or fax machine, and start agitating.

There is a process for launching this on a massive scale that the legal reform movement needs to consider, right now, today, to win back our Constitutional freedoms and rights.

I believe large-scale awareness training, such as the techniques used in the human potential movement, are of immense value. There is a branch of psychology known as radical therapy that must be utilized where people resolve the psychological wounds to them by becoming activists. I am beginning this process to deal with the retaliation brought to my household for exercising First Amendment rights. The world cannot wait for business as usual to solve these problems and we have a mission, a burden to use evangelical terms. To turn they're System upside down. The tools are there, money will not be a problem, and we will produce thousands of activists with a heightened consciousness to take on the Establishment.

I want to do this project. As the son of a radical psychologist and as a lawyer activist for many years I believe I am qualified. If we work together, we can change the system and heal ourselves in the process.

David C. Grossack Nantasket Beach, MA

The author, an artist and lawyer, is the founder of Citizens' Justice Institute. He is the author of Radical Planet and How to Win A Lawsuit Without Hiring A Lawyer. See his websites at: and

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UPDATE December 15, 2009

The BC Ombudsman phoned today and left a message on the answering machine to say that the BC Ombudsman's office has commenced two investigations into the Regional District of Central Okanagan:

1. If RDCO provided an "adequate response" and "adequate reasons" to one residents request for information about the NOWESI (Sugar Loaf) transfer station finances.

2. If RDCO used a fair and reasonable response in restricting a resident access to information, telling the resident they can only correspond by snail mail.

The BC Ombudsman said on the answering machine that the BC Ombudsman's office doesn't usually keep people informed as they investigate, and that if the Ombudsman needs more information, she will contact the resident.

Other than that we have to just wait until the investigation is over.

The resident sent the BC Ombudsman a whole lot of information, so hopefully the Ombudsman doesn't need much more info.

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RDCO was asked again about the large increase in garbage collection fees that residents could not have possibly paid in 2007, and this was the reply letter from Robert Hobson, Chair of Regional District of Central Okanagan dated December 9, 2009.
Letter from RDCO saying they don't want to reply until the process with the BC Ombudsman is complete.
(click on the letter to read a larger copy)
Since the Ombudsman was recruited, RDCO says it doesn't want to reply until that process has cleared.

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Letter from BC Ombudsman November 3, 2009

page 1 of 3
page 2 of 3 - letter from BC Ombudsman Nov 3, 2009 in regards to NOWESI transfer station


Letter from BC Ombudsman November 3, 2009
page 2 of 3
page 2 of 3 - letter from BC Ombudsman Nov 3, 2009 in regards to NOWESI transfer station

Letter from BC Ombudsman November 3, 2009
page 3 of 3
page 3 of 3 - letter from BC Ombudsman Nov 3, 2009 in regards to NOWESI transfer station

When this letter from the BC Ombudsman was received, information was sent to the BC Ombudsman in regards to complaint about the Sugar Loaf transfer station finances.

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March 2, 2009
Letter from BC Ombudsman
Letter from BC Ombudsman March 2, 2009 in regards to NOWESI transfer station

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For more detailed information in regards to the Sugar Loaf transfer station and Westside Landfill finances, click here.

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Letter from BC Ombudsman Feb 5, 2009

page 1 of 2
page 1 of 2 - Letter from BC Ombudsman Feb 5, 2009 in regards to proposed La Casa transfer station


Letter from BC Ombudsman Feb 5, 2009
page 2 of 2
page 2 of 2 - Letter from BC Ombudsman Feb 5, 2009 in regards to proposed La Casa transfer station

More about the proposed La Casa transfer station

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BC Ombudsman Letters

August 23, 2006 Letter from BC Ombudsman regarding the garbage disposal problem for North Westside Road residents.

September 12, 2006 2nd Letter from BC Ombudsman -   Page 1  |  Page 2

Lastly, your fax notes that you think that CORD has mislead Westside residents by stating that the option of multiple, small facilities is not an option under the approved Solid Waste Management Plan (the Plan)

If you wish, we can investigate this last concern, your complaint that CORD's reason for not providing service in the form requested as based on inaccurate or mistaken information about what is possible under the Plan.  If you wish us to investigate that complaint we need more information from you, including copies of any documents you have which explain or support your complaint and details of any conversations you have had with CORD about the issue.

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To be updated by email on the latest news regarding this subject and other subjects, please send your email address to

We will let you know when there are updates, so stay informed!

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If you have comments good or bad, solutions, concerns or complaints regarding the local transfer station at Sugar Loaf Mountain, please fill out the form below and let your neighbors know.

Please contact the Regional District and tell them how you feel.  If we all sit and do nothing, nothing is going to change.  Please voice your opinion.


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Comment Form

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(If your community is not listed above, please type it in below and choose "other community" above)
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If you have anything else you would like to see up here on the internet, please contact us.

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If you want to view resident's comments, click here.

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(Photos of all signage at Traders Cove, including hours of operation)



Jokes about garbage

Environment Canada's Environmental Learning & Sustainability




Drop Your Old Computer off at Briteland in Vernon

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