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North Westside Road BC House Fires of the Past

Photos and Information

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LAST UPDATE September 21, 2017

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These are photos and information about house fires in the North Westside Road BC area.  Not one house has been saved that we know of.

RDCO's map will tell you where these house fires occurred.

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Fintry fire doused
Vernon Morning Star - Richard Rolke - Aug 29th, 2017

The quick action of North Westside firefighters and residents kept a garage fire from speading.

Crews responded to a 911 hang-up call Monday at 4:03 p.m. on Shorts Road not knowing what to expect.

“When they arrived, they discovered a garage on fire with neighbours trying to extinguish it with a garden hose,” said Jason Satterthwaite, fire chief.

“Lt. Shawn Barnes was able to have his crew quickly finish off extinguishing the blaze.”

The fire may have started from discarded oily rags because the homeowner had been doing furniture refinishing earlier in the day.

“The garage was the only part of the home effected,” said Satterthwaite.

“Thanks to to some quick acting neighbours and fire crews, the homeowner suffered minimal losses.”


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House Fire on Firwood Rd at Valley of the Sun November 21, 2014



They have a guard staying there now.  That is the guards car in the photo.  And there is tape around the premises.  Apparently a guard spent the night there and is still there Nov 23, 2014 afternoon.  The guard told us inspectors were there earlier on Nov 23, 2014.




At approx 12:49pm we heard sirens so started the scanner and heard they were heading to Firwood Road.  We drove down there and saw the fire at Peter Degenhardts whom just passed away a week or two ago.

We took some video of the fire below.




They had the road blocked, and no vehicles could enter or leave Valley of the Sun for awhile, until they put some metal plates over the hose so people could drive over the hose without damaging it.

We got chased away from the other side of the road from the house fire by one of the firemen who went to fetch the chief cause we were not moving fast enough for him.  Guess he didn't like us taking photos and video?  He kept trying to block the camera.  We have video of that too that we will post.  Some of the video we got is quite interesting how the hoses and fire trucks leak water.




This is a photo of the metal plates coming out that cover the fire hose allowing traffic to pass over the hose safely without damaging the hose.


The 10 videos we took of the fire are on You-Tube at these links below:

12:55pm view of the fire when we first got there

12:56pm view of the fire

12:58pm more of the fire

12:59pm more of the fire

1:00pm now they are getting the fire out

1:01pm getting chased away by a fireman

1:02pm more of the fire

1:06pm more of the fire (is that an electrical panel they were spraying in prior video ?)

1:11pm the fire truck leaking water

1:13pm another fire truck and hoses leaking water

Apparently there was a problem with 911 calling the fire in.  Central Okanagan West Director Wayne Carson (our old Fire Chief, but now our Director) told us he saw the smoke and tried to call the fire in, but had trouble.  He told us he tried to call it in three times, and when he finally got through, he was told that the Fire Dept was on the way.  Director Wayne Carson told us that he would be checking into the 911 problem he had.  In case you didn't know there is a new call system in place.  The call system is no longer handled locally.  If you want to know more about the new 911 service click here.

We asked Director Wayne Carson why the water would be leaking under the fire trucks and he told us, its because the tank on the fire truck is full, and that is the overflow water.  He also said that the hoses being loose were not completely tightened at the joint, and that it didn't matter because there was plenty of water now that the new community water system is in service at Valley of the Sun.

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House Fire at Westshore Estates

Sept 1, 2014 at approx. 9:30am a report of a house fire was received by the North Westside Road Fire Dept who attended.

The fireman told us that the house was fully involved by the time they arrived.  The fire started in the back left corner one fireman told us.

The windows in the basement were boarded up and the firemen found a grow-op inside.

One of the firemen told us that they think someone was cooking something up and it may have started the fire, and that a person may have been burnt, but they fled the scene.  Also that the person who may have been burnt has not reported themselves into medical care that the fireman knew of.

Two RCMP officers in two different vehicles were on scene.

After the fire was put out, the firemen tore down the plywood sheets covering the downstairs windows, after using a crow bar on the windows prying them open and breaking them.



You can see a ballast and light hanging in the window



In this photo the window is boarded up, and in the photo below is after the firemen took the plywood off the window


You can see a ballast hanging in the window



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Fire destoys Fintry home - by Daniel Hayduk - Story: 60834 - Mar 16, 2011

The remains of a Fintry home are still smouldering after an early morning fire destroyed the residence.

North Westside Fire Rescue Chief Wayne Carson was first on scene at 650 Fairbridge Street, a single-storey home, Wednesday morning.

"The house was fully charged with smoke and a good fire was going inside. It vented through the roof less than five minutes after I arrived," says Carson.

Carson says the roof of the structure collapsed, completely covering the basement of the structure.

The collapse made it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the flames, and some hot spots are still present.

"We'll bring in an excavator to stir it up and dig it up so we can put it out."

No one was home at the time of the blaze, and Carson says the regional district has not yet located the home owner.

"If they know whose house it is or recognize the house, we'd like to have that information so we can contact the owner."

Anyone with information can contact North Westside Fire Rescue at (250) 545-1195

Upper Fintry House Fire March 16, 2011


Upper Fintry House Fire March 16, 2011


House Fire at Upper Fintry March 16, 2011


The Fire Chief said he hadn't see a fire burn so hot that it burnt through the hardy board exterior finish before.



You can see some of the hardy board burnt right through.

Here is another photo of the Hardy Board exterior finish burnt right through.


Upper Fintry House Fire March 16, 2011


That is a wood box with holes in it.


March 16, 2011 Upper Fintry House Fire


By the time we got there the excavator had already been there, done that, and left a pile of debris alongside the house's foundation.

March 16, 2011 Upper Fintry House Fire


Firewood was piled up and still sitting alongside the house's foundation.

March 16, 2011 Upper Fintry House Fire


March 16, 2011 Upper Fintry House Fire


The fence around the perimeter of the house was not burnt in the least.  The Firepersons had to knock boards off the fence for escape routes the Fire Chief said.

The Fire Chief said he had to stay with the house and keep the area secure until the insurance company takes over, and he was still there when we left.

The Fire Chief said that the RCMP are coming out to investigate.

The Fire Chief said the people were renters who lived there, and they were not home at the time.  They are still searching for the owners or renters.

Rockin Harley used his excavator to knock the house down and move debris so the firepersons could get at hotspots.

The Fire Chief said nobody was hurt, but that he got backed up against the corner of the fence at one point when sparks were flying.

We seen this story on the March 16, 2011 5:30pm CHBC news.  The Fire Chief said nobody was hurt.

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CHBC News Video of Fire Chief Wayne Carson talking about the October 2010 fires along Westside Road
He is blaming the owners for trying to fight the fires and not calling 911 first.

Evening News
Fire fighting advice

An Okanagan fire chief say two fires this week serve as examples of how not to respond to a fire in your home.

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There are photo's on the Fire Dept website showing two houses on fire and fully engulfed, one on Udell Road on October 24 and the other happened early in the morning October 27, 2010 on Hodges Road.

Although it says on the Fire Dept's website that the Command unit had a response time of less than two minutes from page, someone in the know said that it took 25 minutes for fire trucks to arrive and another 5 minutes to set up.

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2 House Fires on October 27, 2010

October 27 at about 2:30 am a fire broke out at a house on Hodges Road at Killiney Beach.  There was an explosion with a huge orange fire ball someone told us.  Sounds like the house couldn't be saved. Here is a link to the house fires as of late.  Here is a couple emails we received about the fire on Hodges Road.

How sad! I couldn't sleep and went into the computer room. I heard some crackling and thought the bear might be out there, but it was the house on Hodges Rd. burning to the ground. I called 911 at about 2:35 am and got there at 3 am. Too late as the flames were really high by then. That house has usually been vacant but I think there was someone there as a truck burned as well. By about 3:30 am what was left of the house just collapsed.

Fire was around 3 this morning,
sirens woke me up, heard the Fire Chief leave his house a few minutes after the first
one rolled from the hall, then 5 minutes after that a huge explosion. Saw a
big orange ball of flame from my sundeck.


Another fire broke out early October 27, 2010 on Fred Road on the Okanagan Indian Band Reserve at St Mary's Emerald Bay not far and north of the band office. This is an email we received from someone that knows about that fire and this is what they said.

The fire on reserve lands was on Fred Road next to Emerald Bay. (NAME REMOVED) and I went by at 7:00 am and trucks were still there. We got on our cell as our (RELATIVE) is building a new house just doors down on the same beach. An older fellow lost his house and all possessions. We do not know if he was insured as yet. His wife was away and luckily his little dog woke him...dogs are heros! He had to break a window to get out. The Native fire department ran out of water and put a line in the Lake only to suck up mud so the second cabin burned as well. They don't live there as it is a summer cabin but they had no insurance. You would think these people know the Lake well enough to know it is a mudhole there. they apparently tried to get help from Vernon but they would not attend or couldn't, but good old Armstrong/Spall came to the rescue. They are a great volunteer...all volunteer chief etc. etc. and they do a good job! My (RELATIVE) had been up all night as she had to take care of the owner as he kinda went into shock etc. etc.

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Two homes taken out by fire
Vernon Morning Star - By Richard Rolke - October 28, 2010

Fire roared through a house on Hodges Road (above) at Killiney Beach early Wednesday morning, just days after flames destroyed a home on Udell Road Sunday.
north westside fire photos

Two North Westside residences are now rubble.

Firefighters were called out during the early morning hours Sunday and Wednesday but little could be done to prevent flames from engulfing two structures.

“They’re a total loss and the causes are undetermined at this time,” said Wayne Carson, North Westside fire chief.

On Wednesday, 15 firefighters were called to Hodges Road at Killiney Beach at 2:45 a.m.

“It was an older-style house, a wooden structure. It went fast,” said Carson.

The main focus was to protect some outbuildings, but the water system couldn’t keep up with demand so water had to be tanked to the site.

The lone occupant was able to get out of the house uninjured. It’s not known if he has insurance.

On Sunday, 12 firefighters responded to a house fire on Udell Road at 4:50 a.m.

“It was a ball of flames when I got there,” said Carson.

Crews were delayed in arriving because the tenant attempted to put the fire out himself with a garden hose.

That has resulted in Carson issuing an appeal to the community.

“If there is a fire, call 911 immediately and get us rolling. The is critical,” he said.

The property owner was insured but the tenant did not have content insurance.

Carson has considerable praise for his volunteer firefighters tackling two emergencies within three days, particularly early in the morning.

“They’ve done remarkably well. They’ve put it on the line and I’m proud of them,” he said.

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Blaze rips through cabins
Vernon Morning Star - By Richard Rolke - October 28, 2010

A fire on the Okanagan Indian Reserve had the potential to be even more destructive.

Flames engulfed one cabin on Fred Road, six kilometres down Westside Road, at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, and then it spread to another adjacent cabin.

“All of the buildings there are close together and we were concerned it would spread to more,” said Dave Lawrence, the Okanagan Indian Band’s fire chief.

Nine members of the band’s fire department were on scene shortly after receiving the first emergency call.

“When we got there, fire was breaking through the roof,” said Lawrence.

As a result of the blaze moving towards the second cabin, the Armstrong-Spallumcheen Fire Department was called in for backup.

There are no hydrants in the area so firefighters were required to draw water from nearby Okanagan Lake.

Little is left of the two structures.

“Both of them are completely destroyed,” said Lawrence.

People were residing in the cabins and while they escaped uninjured, they lost all of their belongings.

It’s believed the fire may have started near a stove in the first cabin, but a cause has not been determined and the incident remains under investigation.

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Fire destroys two homes in four days - by Daniel Hayduk - Story: 57833 - Oct 27, 2010

Two Killiney Beach area homes have been destroyed by fire in the past four days.

"Things were quite active out our way," says North Westside Fire Chief Wayne Carson.

Wednesday morning, at approximately 2:30 a.m., the fire department was called to a structure fire on Hodges Road.

"I live just below there, so I was the first one on scene. We had a fully involved structure," says Carson.

A structure fire on Udell Road on Sunday, October 24, was nearly identical, says Carson.

In both cases, Carson says it appears the occupants of the homes tried to fight the fire themselves before calling the fire department.

"We needed more time on both of these fires. People need to follow the instructions they were taught when they were kids -- they should leave the house right away and call the fire department immediately."

The causes of both fires is still undetermined.

No one was seriously hurt in either fire.

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This is a story Kelly Hayes from did of the latest house fire at Killiney Beach.

Fire destroys North Westside home - by Kelly Hayes - Story: 50003 - Oct 7, 2009

Fire has destroyed a home in North Westside.

Crews were called to the Moody Crescent (Killiney Beach) home mid-Wednesday afternoon after neighbours reported flames coming from the residence.

North Westside fire chief, Wayne Carson, says there wasn't much crews could do to save the home.

"The house was fully involved when we got here. I talked to one witness who says it just went up."

The single occupant, a woman who appeared to be in her late 50s, escaped unharmed, however, her dog did perish in the blaze.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The single occupant, a woman who appeared to be in her late 50s, escaped unharmed, however, her dog did perish in the blaze. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)





Chimney Fire at Killiney Beach BC Feb 16, 2008
Chimney fire caused this house fire Feb 16, 2008 on Kildare Way at Killiney Beach.  We received an email suggesting The people who owned the house and the neighbour next door were attacking the fire with garden hoses before the fire dept arrived, but by the time the Fire Dept. arrived it was already fully involved.
More information about this fire here.



If you haven't noticed a pattern, you may start to see one in this next photo of the house fire December 2007 at the s-curves near Ewings Landing BC.  There is nothing left of this home, just the foundation is remaining.

Photo of no house because it burnt up completely and only the foundation was left.



These fires were in the North Westside Road Fire / Rescue Local Service Area.

The North Westside Road Fire / Rescue Fire Dept is a local volunteer fire dept.

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