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Proposed New Development

on Okanagan Lake 2008

Fintry South called

Rockchild Landing

68 lakefront lots and 11 hillside lots

LAST UPDATE January 25, 2015

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A former MLA and part-owner of a company proposes a 130 hectare lakefront and hillside development approx. 25 kilometres up Westside Road BC just south of Fintry Provincial Park.

Waterfront lots are proposed to be 1,200 square meters and hillside or lakeview lots are proposed at 825 square metres.

The development would be called Rockchild Landing.

38 hectares or 28 percent of the land development would be parkland dedicated for trail networks and parks, with none of the environmentally sensitive areas on the property touched.

Rockchild Landings website. You will need Adobe's Flash Player (.swf) to view their website.  And if you want to view this map of Rockchild Landing in (.pdf) format, you do not need flash, but you will need Adobe Reader to view (.pdf) files.

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Community Comment Form where you can make a comment and read others comments

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Click this link to land at the October 27, 2008 Regional District of Central Okanagan Board Agenda for all years

When you get there (link above) click on Oct 27, 2008 Board Agenda and then scroll down to
Item 6.8a Official Community Plan and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 871-170 South Okanagan Land Developments Incorporated.pdf
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to open the (.pdf) file to read it.

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Regional District of Central Okanagan Regional Board Minutes Oct 27, 2008
(from page 11)

6.8 Bylaws: (First Reading) (Unweighted Vote)
a) i) Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 785-15 for South Okanagan Land Developments Inc. (owner) and Urban Systems Ltd. (agent) to amend the North Westside Official Community Plan from Large Holdings to Residential-Low Density and Parks and Recreation located adjacent to Westside Road. Central Okanagan West Electoral Area (All Directors)

Staff report dated October 17, 2008 outlined the purpose for the OCP amendment as well as the rationale for non-support of the bylaw amendment.

to continue reading about this, please click here and read page 11.

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Environmental Advisory Commission
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Woodhaven Room

4. Updates
a) Z07/26 – Southern Okanagan Land Developments Inc. (Agent – Urban Systems Ltd.)
Located adjacent to Westside Road and Okanagan Lake

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Don't get this article confused ... this is another project by the same developer in another location in West Kelowna on Okanagan Lake.

Marina, winery in the works
by Kelly Hayes & Rachael Kimola - Story: 46465
Apr 21, 2009 / 2:33 pm

It's a project which the developer thinks will bring together all the best aspects of the Okanagan.

Plans for a destination winery resort and marina were unveiled Tuesday by the Okanagan Waterfront Development Group.

Developer John Weisbeck, says the project, to be located on a 100 acre parcel of land on Westside Road in West Kelowna, will include a 650 berth marina, a 600 boat stacking system, a working vineyard and winery and a luxury hotel with spa features and restaurants.

“There are very few locations on Lake Okanagan on which we could do a project of this size, so when this property that available to us, we looked at the best possible project that we could put on that piece of property. The latest study has shown we are thousands of berths short of boat storage and moorage, so what better thing to do than to meld all the components together into a project that will be a wonderful experience for everyone, the public, the tourists. It will be unforgettable,” says Weisbeck.

He says they are in the process of making their applications and are hoping to start some of the ground preparations for the vineyard this fall.

“The first amenity that will be open will be the marina, we are hoping that will be available by June 2011. We are hoping our vineyard will be producing grapes by 2012 and we are hoping the hotel and restaurant complex will be open by 2013.”

Weisbeck says the project will inject more than $175 million into the local economy and employ hundreds of people.

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North Westside development proposal grows a little larger
By Jason Luciw - Kelowna Capital News - Published: March 25, 2009

Rockchild Landing would span 1.7 kilometres of lake shore line in an area four kilometres south of Fintry. Developers say building would be restricted to 30 metres from the shore.


Former Kelowna-Lake Country MLA John Weisbeck and his partners have increased the number of lots they’d like to develop on a pristine lakeshore property, north of Westside.

Originally, Weisbeck and Dr. Robert Arn, Ken Enders and Kim and Sarina Sandana wanted to develop 65 lots as part of a project called Rockchild Landing.

The partnership, going by the name of Southern Okanagan Land Developments Inc., has since proposed that 78 lots be developed on the 127-hectare property, located four kilometres south of Fintry.

However, the trade-off is a reduction in the number of lakeshore lots. That number would drop to 43, down from the 56 originally proposed.

To allow development, the property must be designated for single-family detached housing, as opposed to the current rural and country residential zoning.

The regional district planning department recommended the board not support the developer’s rezoning application. Planning staff said the rezoning should wait until a review of the North Westside Official Community Plan has been completed.

Staff was also concerned rezoning of the property could tempt another 23 property owners to develop their large holdings in the area. That could result in 265 more lots being opened to development.

Several environmental concerns must still be addressed, staff said in a report to the regional board.

That said, Enders made a case to the board’s 12 directors, asking that they consider first reading of the application and allow the matter to go to a public hearing.

“The key thing about this project is the concerns about the environment have largely been driven by our side,” said Enders. “Our concern is to make this a landmark for environmentally responsible development.”

All of the lakeshore would remain public tenure, added Enders. “The owners of lakeshore lots won’t own lakeshore.”

Owners would need to sign a contract, limiting their use of the lake shore.

A $500,000 land trust would also be created to ensure funding was available for future preservation and conservation efforts in what would become a bare-land strata development.

Approximately three-quarters of the property would be preserved as park and open space, including trails on the upper elevations of the property.

To protect the environment further, no homes would be built within 30 metres of the lake. However, dock construction remains an outstanding issue.

Originally, one dock per every two lots was proposed, for a total of 28 piers.

At this point, there is no guarantee any docks will be allowed, Arn told the Capital News.

The environment ministry will decide the fate of multiple docks or a single marina.

“There will be no docks in the prime Kokanee spawning areas,” added Arn. “Those were removed and wildlife corridors put in.”

After taking into account the developer’s latest environmental preservation efforts, the board agreed to grant first reading and send the matter to public hearing.

However, before the public hearing can be scheduled, the developers must resolve several more issues.

They must get B.C. Ministry of Transportation feedback on a traffic impact study.

Lake Country must be allowed comment on any visual impact concerns they’d have from across the lake.

Regional district staff want confirmation of specific park dedications, public access and construction of trails, bridges and other amenities.

Westbank First Nation must weigh in on archeological assessments.

And the regional district’s environmental advisory commission has a list of concerns they’d like addressed.

The Rockchild Landing development would lead to better use of the land than the current zoning, commented Enders.

“It respects the environment, archeology and salmon spawning. Under the current zoning, also known as large holding, any number of invasive uses would be permitted, added Arn. Those would include strip logging the entire property right down to the lake or a series of greenhouses using fertilizers potentially harmful to Kokanee salmon.

The developers said they were “committed to work with board staff and other agencies” to resolve the outstanding issues.

jluciw [at]

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Process moves forward on controversial plan
By Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star - Published: October 30, 2008

A contentious development in the North Westside Road area is going through the approval process.

On Monday, the Central Okanagan Regional District board gave first readings to official community plan and rezoning amendment bylaws for the proposed Rockchild Landing project just south of the Fintry delta.

Director Jim Edgson has had concerns about the proposal but voted for first reading for the applicant, South Okanagan Land Developments.

“They are heading in the right direction but because it’s a sensitive area, we want to go to public hearing,” he said.

South Okanagan Land Developments has asked for OCP and rezoning changes so it can construct 78 residential lots including 43 with frontage on Okanagan Lake.

And it is the lakefront lots with docks that is the controversial part of the proposal because the area is also sensitive kokanee spawning habitat.

CORD is insisting that a number of reports be conducted before a public hearing is scheduled including an environmental assessment supervised by the Ministry of Environment.

“If at any time the study shows the docks are detrimental to kokanee, they are toast. They would have to come out,” said Edgson, adding that there is no guarantee that the ministry will even allow docks to be installed on the lake.

“If the study succeeds and shows direction for other developments, we will have something to show people how to protect kokanee.”

In May, CORD directors decided to indefinitely defer any consideration of rezoning and OCP applications so the developer could try and get more support for its plans.

“We told them they had to work with regional district staff and they had to get a better report from the ministry. We said they had to protect kokanee habitat,” said Edgson.

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Rockchild Landing meeting Sept 11, 2008 at Killiney Beach Hall
click bulletin to read larger print
Meeting Thursday Sept 11, 2008 at 7pm at Killiney Beach Hall

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Regional District of Central Okanagan Board Agenda October 27, 2008

Planning staff wish to note that a public information meeting was convened by the proponent's on Sept 11, 2008. The meeting was attended by an estimated 100 residents. A questionnaire and feedback form was provided with approximately forty-four responses submitted. While it appears from the feedback provided to the RDCO that there is general support for the project, RDCO staff did not attend or participate in this meeting and is unable to confirm the results. (page 6 and 7)

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Ex-MLA pitches Fintry Proposal
Ex-MLA pitches Fintry proposal for waterfront lot development
click article to read larger print
article from the Vernon Morning Star Nov 28, 2007

New waterfront/lakeview lot development proposed by ex-MLA just south of Fintry Provincial Park.  A rezoning bylaw has not yet been submitted to the regional board as yet November as more study is required including an archaeological assessment as pictographs were discovered.

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Southern Okanagan Land Development Inc. OCP amendment & rezoning 81 single detached housing lots and 32 Ha park
Southern Okanagan Land Development Inc. OCP amendment & rezoning 81 single detached housing lots and 32 Ha park

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Regional Board Agenda - May 26, 2008
Development Services Department Report for the Board

Regional District of Central Okanagan Regular Board Meeting Minutes - May 26, 2008 (pg 6)

Blue Divider Line

Central Okanagan West Advisory Committee Meeting Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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From the front page of the Westside Road Community News June 2008 Volume 4 ~ Issue 1

Proposed Westside Development

Of interest to many in the area is a proposed subdivision development south of La Casa, called Rockchild Landing. At the Regional District board meeting Monday, May 25, 2008 consideration was given for first reading to a proposed Official Community Plan and rezoning application from South Okanagan Land and Developments Incorporated (SOLD Inc) for Rockchild Landing.  Rockchild Landing described its community-based project; which originated from input by members of the North Westside Community Association, Westside Road Improvement Committee and North Westside Fire and Rescue; providing:

Rebuilding 1.7 kilometers and another $2.1 million to Westside Road safety.

A portable high tech Fire Curtain Incineration system for safe disposal of forest and pine beetle debris without trucking.

An environmental park covering 85% of the property, including the entire shoreline, protecting the rural regional character forever.

An Environmental Enforcement Trust Fund of $500,000 and financing in perpetuity.

Finally, SOLD Inc. asked for multiple public meetings to include every resident of the North Westside.

The applicant requests the changes in order to develop a 65 lot subdivision: including 56 waterfront lots and a 97.8 hectare parkland dedication on a 127 hectare property along Westside Road between Caesars Landing and Fintry.

The Regional Board has deferred the application for consideration until the requirements form the Ministry of Environment are met.

The Ministry of Environment has strict guidelines for developers to follow. This means the project application cannot go to consideration for first reading until the applicant satisfied the requirements of the Ministry of Environment and other affected agencies.  Before consideration of the first reading, developers need to demonstrate they have clearly met those requirements to the satisfaction of the Regional District Board.  Public meetings are not usually held until after a first reading is approved.

Central Okanagan West Regional director Jim Edgson noted, "While the Rockchild proposal has many potential benefits to the North Westside community, the Regional District Board had some clear concerns. The Board chose to defer the consideration of this application until clear support from the Ministry of Environment comes forth. By doing this, the applicant is being given the opportunity to accomplish the previously clearly stated goal of an environmentally sound project beneficial to the community."

Rockchild Landing spokesperson, Robert Arn stated, "We will follow RDCO's request to discuss our Environmental Program with the Ministry of Environment and comply with their recommendations before an RDCO Public Hearing.  In the interim, we will continue to consult members of the Community to get their guidance"

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CORD board chastised for Rockchild Landing decision
By Judie Steeves - Kelowna Capital News - May 30, 2008

These attractively-patterned diving ducks—Barrow’s Goldeneyes—were nonplussed by the fact this mountain lake was still ice-covered last weekend, although I was less impressed, since they were able to fish, where I was not.
Judie Steeves/Capital News

On the whole, we have a very progressive regional district board when it comes to environmental matters, but I must confess I was pretty disappointed at this week’s vacillations over a lakeshore development that got the thumbs down from all the experts.

Board members actually read all the reports, (I would hope so, anyway) from their own environmental advisory committee, planning staff and from the provincial environment ministry staff, yet they ignored their recommendations to oppose the development.

That’s all they needed to do, was to not permit the application to go any further.

Instead, they’ve kept the developer on the hook, simply deferring the Rockchild Landing proposal, 30 km up Westside Road, to see if the developer can convince the environment ministry to permit its intrusion into Kokanee spawning habitat.

This is for 65 lots to be created on a narrow, steep piece of land between Westside Road and Okanagan Lake, just south of Fintry, but the worst aspect of the proposal is for 35 docks out into the lake.

Scientists have identified this as key Kokanee spawning habitat, where 3,000 Kokanee were counted spawning in 2007.

In other words, millions of Kokanee got their start in life on this stretch of shoreline.

They’ll return in three or four years to lay their eggs, while this fall, those who were born there three or four years ago will return to lay their eggs before dying.

It’s the cycle of life for kokanee, which is a freshwater Sockeye salmon, known for returning to the stream or shoreline of their birth when they mature.

Science has proven that kokanee do not like docks, probably for a variety of reasons, so we know that construction of a foreshore—full of new docks will destroy the spawning habitat for millions of Kokanee annually—if we permit it.

This, after we’ve spent thousands of dollars attempting to help this lake’s Kokanee populations to come back from the brink of extinction.

Apparently, some of the board members felt the proposal should be considered by neighbours of the proposed development, but this is not an issue of what impact it’ll have on the neighbourhood.

This is an issue of whether we will permit these developers to destroy habitat for the fish that are part of the natural cycle of life in the valley; one of the reasons we all want to live here.

I simply can’t believe we’re even considering this proposal.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to fish, or whether you simply agree that the traditional, historic inhabitants of this valley should be permitted to continue to live here alongside us.

This valley’s natural beauty is why we love it, as do the millions of visitors, so why on earth would we destroy that?

Incidentally, efforts to bring back populations of kokanee in the big lake have been successful enough that there’ll be a third test fishery beginning this Sunday, for eight weeks, with a doubled daily limit of four Kokanee.

However, we went fishing last weekend and landed up beside a fishing lake that had kind of a funny look about its surface.

We’d just come off a weekend full of 30 C days and were simply not prepared, at the end of May, to find this mid-elevation lake still covered in ice.

The Barrow’s Goldeneye ducks bobbing around on the margins didn’t seem particularly put off, but I certainly was.

With the possibility of fishing, except from shore, on hold for lack of an icebreaker, I opted to go for a hike, but just a couple of feet into the bush there was still a pile of snow.

Spring is certainly late this year.

I’m sure the hardy adventurers in the Nordic Club wouldn’t be put off by a bit of snow, so if they run into any on their June 7 hike on the High Rim Trail, they’ll probably just slog right through it.

You’re invited to join them, and to take the whole family for a nature treasure hunt, from the Goudie Road trailhead north to Frog Pond.

It’s a 5.5 km round trip, says Alice Hargreaves, along a trail that will be dotted with wildflowers like yellow violets and calypso orchids.

She warns that this is a wilderness trail through dense forest, so sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate to the weather are essential, as are water and snacks for the trek.

To carpool, meet at the Parkinson Rec Centre at 8:45 a.m.; or meet at the Goudie Road trailhead about 9:15. Take Highway 33 to Goudie Road, onto the dirt road, over a cattle guard, and park at the kiosk on the left.

The club is also organizing a wilderness first aid course with Jim Ongena July 5, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the EECO in Mission Creek Regional Park. Cost is $100.

Pre-register by calling him at 486-7166 or e-mail jim at

Judie Steeves writes about outdoors issues for the Capital News.

jsteeves at

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Fintry development hits major roadblock
By Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star - May 30, 2008

A controversial development on the west side of Okanagan Lake has been placed on hold.

The Central Okanagan Regional District board decided Monday to indefinitely defer any consideration of rezoning and official community plan applications for the proposed Rockchild Landing, just south of the Fintry delta.

“The regional district has an obligation to residents to vet these projects to see if they are feasible before going to public hearing,” said Jim Edgson, Central Okanagan West director.

South Okanagan Land Developments is seeking rezoning and OCP amendments to allow for a 65-lot subdivision, including 56 waterfront lots, on a 127-hectare site between Fintry and Caesars Landing.

Before the applications are considered again by CORD, South Okanagan Land Developments must get the support of the Ministry of Environment, and particularly plans to install docks in a sensitive kokanee spawning area.

“We do not want something that will create a problem in the lake,” said Edgson.

“But instead of killing it, we gave the developer an opportunity to try and resolve these concerns. The ball is in the developer’s court.”

Barrie Clark, a Kelowna director, wanted the project rejected.

“I am extremely disturbed by what this might do to kokanee spawning,” he said.

While he has some concerns, Edgson is not completely against the development.

“There’s a lot of good in this project,” he said of 1.7 kilometres of upgrades to Westside Road and a 97.8-hectare parkland dedication.

“But they need to satisfy the environmental and transportation concerns.”

Company officials are satisfied with CORD’s decision to defer.

“Clearly the directors want to get more information about the project,” said Robert Arn, a partner with South Okanagan Land Developments.

“We’ve been working with the district and there are many issues that have to be dealt with. We are committed to dealing with them.”

Arn says the number of docks has not been determined yet.

“It’s not an issue of how many docks but the style needed to meet environmental standards,” he said.

Arn hopes the applications can be back before the CORD board in June, and he insists that he and his partners are interested in a state-of-the-art development.

“We love this property,” he said.

With files from the Kelowna Capital News.

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Former MLA behind controversial project
By Jason Luciw - Kelowna Capital News - May 28, 2008

Former dentist and past Kelowna-Lake Country MLA John Weisbeck is among the principal owners in a proposed development near Fintry that is proving to be unpopular around the Central Okanagan Regional District board table.

Weisbeck sat in the audience Monday night as another representative of South Okanagan Land Development attempted to make a case for a project called Rockchild Landing—a 65-lot development proposed on a property located 30 kilometres along Westside Road.

However, company spokesman Ken Anders was unable to convince the regional board of the project’s merits.

Developers have offered to realign approximately 1.5 kilometres of Westside Road through the property, dedicate 96 hectares of land as park and buy an air curtain burner to dispose of pine beetle ravaged trees on site.

The burner would then be turned over to the regional district as a gift.

Close to half of the 11 directors in attendance were on the verge of outright rejecting the project at one point in the evening.

But the other half felt the project should have the chance to go to public hearing to get a sense of the community’s attitude toward the project.

After close to an hour of debate the board reached consensus, deciding to defer the motion for two reasons.

One, directors wanted to know what land uses were currently permitted on other properties in the area.

In other words, could this development lead to development applications on 23 other properties in the vicinity of Rockchild Landing, asked regional board chairman and Kelowna Coun. Robert Hobson.

Two, the developers would have to work with the B.C. Ministry of Environment to see if there was any way to mitigate impact on the salmon spawning habitat along the property’s Okanagan Lake shoreline.

Up to 3,000 fish spawn annually on the property’s foreshore, according to the ministry.

On that basis alone the project should have been immediately rejected, according to director and Kelowna Coun. Barrie Clark.

Blue Divider Line

Controversial development dodges CORD axe, for now
May 28, 2008 - Kelowna Capital News - News

A proposal to build 65 lakeside homes along a sensitive Kokanee salmon spawning beach needs buy in from the B.C. Ministry of Environment before the Central Okanagan Regional District will budge on its opposition to the project.

Rockchild Landing could be developed on a 127-hectare property about 30 kilometres up Westside Road, just south of Fintry in Westside.

So far, however, the board is unwilling to give first reading to a necessary rezoning and Official Community Plan amendment.

It has deferred the matter indefinitely to see if the developer, Southern Okanagan Land Development, can convince the ministry that the project creates no threat to sensitive salmon spawning habitat along the property’s shoreline.

Regional district director Barrie Clark tried to convince the board to outright reject the project. He said he couldn’t understand why a development that could have such a great impact on Kokanee stocks would even be considered.

“I am extremely disturbed by what this might do to Kokanee spawning,” said Clark.

“We’ve learned some bitter lessons in the last couple of years of best intentions causing tremendous damage.”

The board then asked if the docks proposed for the project’s 23 lakefront lots could be scrapped as a means of mitigating impact of salmon habitat.

Company spokesman Ken Anders said the “docks are critical to this application.”

The developer wanted to the board to give the project first reading so the project could go to public hearing and neighbours could provide input on the proposed development.

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Highlights of the Regional Board Meeting - May 26, 2008
Proposed Westside Road Development
The Regional Board has deferred considering first reading to a proposed Official Community Plan and rezoning application from South Okanagan Land Developments Incorporated. The applicant requests the changes in order to develop a 65 lot subdivision (including 56 waterfront lots) and a 97.8-hectare parkland dedication on a 127-hectare property along Westside Road between Caesars Landing and Fintry. Before the application is considered, the applicant will require support from the Ministry of Environment. Planning staff will also prepare additional land use information for presentation to the Board.

Blue Divider Line

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Central Okanagan West Electoral Area Advisory Planning commission Agenda Wed, May 14, 2008

2. Referrals:
a) Z07/26 - Southern Okanagan Land Developments (Agent - Urban systems Ltd.) Located adjacent to Westside Road and Okanagan Lake (Rockchild Landing)

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We will let you know when there are updates, so stay informed!

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You will find local North Westside Road BC businesses, services, free classifieds, local arts and crafts, vacation waterfront rentals, plus much more located near and around Okanagan Lake BC.  We will be adding to this site, so come back and check it often.

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