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by David Lowry

LAST UPDATE May 25, 2014

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It was the summer of 1956, my mom, dad, little brother, baby sister and myself (not quite a teen) were in the family car and restless. After driving all day, being rained out at Pavilion Lake (in the caribou), we were all getting pretty cranky. It was still raining like the dickens and dark when we spotted the sign at the Antler’s Motel. As we drove up the Motel Vacancy sign turned “off”.

Dad was at the end of his rope, whiney kids, miserable night. Trying to find a campsite and thinking about how miserable it would be for setting up our tent.  He jumped out of the car, ran in, and begged the lady to open up and let us stay the night. She being a sweetheart agreed.

Next morning we woke up to a fantastic day of bright sunshine and a glass like lake just outside our doorstep. There was no way we were going to get back into that car and look for a campsite. (There was no Okanagan Lake Campsite at that time). Us kids were in the water quicker than a ..(insert your own cliche here)..

That was the beginning, next year we came back for 3 weeks. It became a family tradition and eventually involved so many other relatives that one year we had all the units but one booked. There were 9 units, plus an old trappers tent set up on a wood platform at the end of the site. There was also room for a few more tents along the beach. Some units actually had a flush toilet in them while others had to share a communal shower, with flush toilets (his n hers) in
a small shack between the units.  We had so much fun there. Campfires every night with family, friends and new acquaintances. Lots of booze, lots of laughs. Many fond memories.

One day found a friend and I were out on the lake in an old homemade boat fishing when one of those nasty storms came rushing up the lake from Penticton. On of our oarlocks broke (we were each on an oar and pulling hard) so we couldn’t make much of a run for it. When out from the beach came a man and his son in what we called a “gullywumper” (another long flat-bottomed homemade boat) with an outboard motor to see if we needed any help. Being the son of a seaman and a true male, I declined. We were o.k. We were drifting towards where we wanted to go anyway. Anyhow, before you get all a-twitter, we made it safely. 

My dad praised me for being calm and staying low in the boat, riding it out to the beach while the other kid’s dad gave him holy supreme you know what..... I’d like to hear from him again....he’s Vic Water’s of C.J.O.R. son.

Then there was the time I was out with a young lady in her boat (another gullywumper, but with an inboard engine). We ran out of gas down by Greata Ranch. We went up to the ranch and borrowed some gas to get home but when we got back down to the beach, wouldn’t you know that another storm had come up. We walked along the beach all the way back to Antler’s only to find an R.C.M.P. officer scanning the lake with binoculars looking for us. We got holy heck for that one too. Hi Rosalie, if you’re still kicking give us a shout.

How about that cave that used to be over by Squally Point?  I actually went inside it once but was to scared to go past the bend in the tunnel. I have never been able to find it’s entrance of late. I think a landslide has covered the entrance. It was at water level, in fact there was about a foot of water at the bottom and was about 4' high by 2 ft. wide. Anyone else remember?

Oh, I digress, I was talking about the man and his son that came out in the boat to rescue us..... The boy became and is still my best friend. He was my best man at our wedding. And he is my neighbour at “Little Joe’s”.

As kid’s we used to go for hikes up the road behind Antler’s. We followed the old flume (still carried water back then) for a bit. We climbed up to, (no trail, no bridges, it was a tough go) and fished in the pool below Hardy Falls. We fired rocks into the air using the old trap shooter that was left behind up on the bench near where the houses on Thorne Road are now. Bobby McQuire jumped off the Swim Bay platform sans suit.  We had a ball.  By now we were into..... Girls.....yeah.  But now the story ends as a gentleman wouldn’t kiss and tell.

This picture below shows the Antler's Motel from Thorne Road (up on the hill). 

Antlers Motel.  You can see the old Shell gas pump.
You can see the old Shell gas pump. I actually pumped gas out of it. You used to pump the gas by hand up into the glass then drained it out via hose and nozzle into a car or boat can.

Closer look at the Shell gas pump.
Closer look at the Shell gas pump.

This pictures is of the beach a wee bit to the south of the Antlers Motel.
This pictures is of the beach a wee bit to the south of the Antlers Motel.


One of the cabins on the beach just south of Antlers motel that we stayed in.
One of the cabins on the beach just south of Antlers motel that we stayed in.


Picture of the tent spoken about below.
Picture of the tent spoken about below.

The tent blew up about 10' into the air the year that the O.K. Campsite opened and a bunch of tents from there ended up in the lake. There were no tree's on the Campsite then. Sure lots now.

David Lowry

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