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Below are lost and found pets people have reported by filling out this form at the bottom of the page on

Send us a note info "at" with a photo of your pet and we will post it here manually.

LAST UPDATE October 19, 2017

Click on your refresh button in the top menu, to be sure you see any updates.

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Found this lost dog October 17, 2017 

We noticed a lost dog hanging out with the Fire Dept crew who were blocking Firwood Road on the inside of the subdivision October 17, 2017 after the big wind storm.  The Fire Dept crew told us that they called RDCO, but RDCO told them that RDCO was closing and wouldn't be able to come and pick up the dog.  UNBELIEVABLE.  RDCO would abandon a dog in its most vulnerable time, wouldn't they!  Is that how you would want your dog treated if you lost your dog not knowing where it went?

Don't know what happened with this male dog.  I suppose the dog eventually made it home or RDCO came to get it the next day, but we don't know.  Suppose that would be another Freedom of Information request.

If that was our dog that RDCO so randomly choose not to pick up, I would be supremely irate that RDCO would just leave my dog to be run over, when RDCO had knowledge where my dog was.  Maybe the dogs owner does not know where their dog is to be able to find it, but RDCO has the knowledge.  Crooked RDCO who takes peoples money and does not provide a service with $1.4 million dollars.  RDCO would just let the dog be run over for $1.4 million dollars!!!

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This dog is now at RDCO pound.  He has no licence, but he has balls.

This dog was found in our yard at Valley of the at large dogs.  Its not like we have not warned the owner before, so this dog is now at the pound.  When we warned the owner before about this dog on the road at large, he didn't seem to mind too much, and we keep seeing this dog on the road, so hence the reason for RDCO pound.  One day this dog was chasing a vehicle down the road which we have on video.

Think its time to keep an eye on your dog, don't you think.  I don't want your dog in my yard or my house.  When I opened my door to go in my house, your dog followed me.  Luckily my dog didn't see your dog in my yard, and only I seen it or maybe your dog would have lost his balls.

Maybe next time your dog won't be so lucky, eh??  You better take better care of your dog, or your dog may become coyote food!!!

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March 17, 2017 8pm

Keep your eye open for a little Brindle Chihuahau down at Lower Fintry that is lost please.  I don't know who owns it, but I can find the owner through my friend who posted on facebook about it.

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April 20, 2017 Mr Tobias missing from Old Okanagan Hwy

Please help find our missing handsome Tobias. He is slightly overweight, is very astute with a "tuxedo-style" coloring. He is very friendly and will melt your heart. He is black with white markings on all four paws and from his neck down. We miss him dearly and are offering a reward to have him returned to his home. Please call 1-250-707-1074 or email at maryl1950 "at" He was lost on February 15/17 around the Old Okanagan Highway area /Logan/Chieftan road. He may go as far as Superstore in West Kelowna.

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If anyone is interested in a pet tracking system for a dog or cat, have them e-mail me. Please take out the "BRAND NAME" out of the info and call it a tracking system. I can then better direct the person on how to purchase this unit without paying a fortune. It can cost up to $700.00 depending on how they purchase it and on which sites. I will give them the "REAL SITE". I talked to the owner in the U.S. who has the patent of this system. His is the "REAL WEBSITE".


Below is some information about this system:

Please feel free to post about the tracking system. It sure does take the worry out of losing your cat. With this unit, you know where he is at all times. It monitors him while in a medium range virtual pen and when he goes out of bounds, I switch it from monitor to tracking. It will display an arrow, sounds a beep as to how close I am to him as well as a percentage.

* Simple to setup and use, single button-push to begin searching for lost pets with real-time distance and direction feedback
* Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 pets with 4 programmable "safety zone" areas for each pet
* Works anywhere, totally self-contained, no GPS or cell network required, no monthly service contracts, ideal for traveling with your pets
* Rechargeable lithium-ion battery on pets collar lasts up to 90 days while being continuously monitored
* Saves hundreds of dollars over product lifetime when compared to subscription-based solutions

The Advanced Pet Tracking system is Waterproof and Extremely Rugged is the ideal solution to keep your pets safe while they enjoy all the activities they love. Suitable for pets ranging from the largest dogs down to the smallest dogs and cats having a collar length of 7 inches or more. No internet or cellular access is needed so you can take your pets with you to the most remote locations, knowing that you will be alerted quickly if they wander and easily track them if they become lost. It is the perfect solution for protecting your pets while traveling or at home. Extremely rugged, the Advanced Tracking Tag is made to withstand rough terrain and prolonged swimming. The streamlined design keeps the tag out of harm’s way so it is not caught on branches or damaged while playing. Up to two additional tracking tags (sold separately) can be added to the system at any time to allow monitoring and tracking of up to three pets. The tracking tag has an internal, rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 weeks on a single charge. Since the tracking system requires no monthly fees it will save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the system when compared to subscription-based systems. When searching for your pet, this unit acts like a personal radar system, scanning every inch of the surrounding area, including the interiors of homes and backyards. The system range is up to 2 miles in open conditions but, as with any 2-way radio system, varies with terrain and obstructions. If your pet is outside the system’s range you can continuously scan hundreds of acres of surrounding area as you drive or walk around. Once within range of your pet the locator will guide you directly to their exact location, within inches if necessary, even if they are injured or hiding – a perfect solution for finding cats that are reluctant to come in at night. Select one of four safety zone ranges for your pet and receive warnings in less than 80 seconds when your pet wanders.

Customer Reviews
Top Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 starsI have been looking for a good solution to keep track of my pets
ByStephen C.on November 27, 2016
Verified Purchase

I have been looking for a good solution to keep track of my pets. I have a 70lb Lab that loves the water and an 8lb cat that loves to hide from me when it is time to come in for the night. Finding one solution for both pets has been a challenge to say the least.

For the cat, it has to fit comfortably on the breakaway collar she already wears. The tag weighs less than an ounce and attaches with a soft nylon fabric holder that fits tight to the collar so there is nothing hanging down to catch on branches. She barely noticed it after I put it on her collar.

For the Lab, I need a product that can stand up to his love for the water and his crashing through the bushes on our hikes. I take him with me on trips where we are often in areas without cell service and this is one of the few products that works everywhere without the need for cell coverage.

As for cost, I looked at the popular GPS/cellular system (which is too big for my cat and won’t work where I hike with my dog) and even with their sale prices by the time you add in the service fees it is actually more expensive by the end of the first year for my 2 pets than this tracking system is – and the fees don’t stop after that! After 3 years the GPS unit is almost 3 times the cost of this tracking system.

PS: I found a video online of the tag being run over by a car, these things are built to take a beating!

The Pet Kit is a pet tracker that is not a GPS locator, so is suitable for seeking lost pets within a two-mile radius, which is the optimal distance with no obstructions. This pet tracker uses the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM radio frequency band, for which there are no special user requirements. This radio frequency band can penetrate brick and concrete walls with no problem, and the device analyzes the signals from all directions over 1,000 times per second.

The handheld locator is easy to set up and turn on, and when you want to search for your pet you only need to press a single button to begin. The locator shows you the distance your pet is away from you and has a directional indicator so that you know which way to go. It is accurate within inches.

The pet collar tag, which is 1.75 ounces and is suitable for pets over 10 pounds in weight, is splash- and weatherproof and can be submerged in six inches of water for 10 minutes at a time. It clips onto the collar and so is fairly secure unless you have a pet who likes to wriggle under and through obstacles. The single pet kit comes with one tag, and other options are two-pet and three-pet kits, as well as individual tags.

The handset is capable of simultaneously monitoring up to three pets at a time. It has four programmable safety zones, and you can set up a zone for each pet. These boundaries are preset in the system, and you can choose between 50 feet, 100 feet, 300 feet and the maximum range of the handset. An alarm notifies you within 80 seconds if your pet has moved over a boundary.

If you have no idea where your pet is, you can put the locator in search mode and walk or drive around. If you're driving, you just need to put the handset on the seat next to you and it will work as well as if you were holding it. The pet tracker will beep when it picks up the signal from your pet's tag and move into locator mode. You can enter your pet's ID tag into more than one locator so that a number of people can search for one animal.

The pet tracking device kit includes a plug-in charger for the pet tag and the locator, which uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The battery in the collar tag lasts up to 90 days with continuous monitoring; there is also a low-battery alert.

The pet tracking device works anywhere because it is not a GPS tracking device, and it does not require a cell phone network to operate. You can use it at home or while hiking or traveling with your pet. There is no monthly service fee to pay, so if this pet tracker meets your requirements, it is worth considering.


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UPDATE: Joey is back home March 30, 2017 and going to be fitted with a GPS lol.  He decided to come home on his own we were told.

Joey is missing again March 23, 2017!

On March 22, 2017, he was frightened and chased by a dog. He is extremely scared and could be hiding anywhere. He lives in the Alexis Park Area at 4104 34A Street. If you see a black and white tuxedo cat with long fur, 4 white legs, a black back and tail, please call Debbie Bannister at (250)545-8140.

UPDATE Joey is back home.  Here is Joeys found story.
I received a phone call tonight from a couple that saw my cat in the 41st street and 26th avenue area, just a few streets south of Bella Vista Road. The husband identified Joey by using a pair of binoculars. He ran after Joey on foot and chased him into someone's outside storage shed. The door was open slightly so Joey could get in and hide. Joey is about 10lbs lighter and a little sc

ruffy but very happy to be finally back home.

"My male neutered cat Joey went missing just before Christmas in the Alexis Park Area of Vernon. He has black and white fluffy long fur with beautiful green eyes. Has a tattoo in his right ear. We let him out after supper and called for him to come in at 9pm but no show. This was very unusual for him. Is there anyone out there that has seen him? He is somewhat skittish. Please check your garden sheds, garages etc. as he may have got his long fur stuck. If you see him or have any information please call me at (250) 545-8140 anytime day or night. We love and miss him so much."


Posted Jan 11, 2017

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UPDATE:  Sam was found after being lost for 8 days.

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There may be a dog thief trying to steal dogs in the area.  A silver Chev pickup was seen trying to steal a dog from Old Kamloops Road.  Keep your eye on your dogs.

UPDATE: Bane is home :)

Also this dog in the photo below went missing from Westshore Estates.

HELP!! Please share!! My dog has gone missing down west side road. West shore estates area (Vernon end) It's not like him to take off and not come back when I call him and I've looked everywhere. I know a lot of people drive along there so if anyone sees him please let me know. His name is Bane and he's super friendly. He's brindle all over with a blackish nose. Please call 250-899-6935 if you see him

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Found what looks to be a coon hound cross in the Parker Cove area (Vernon). This dog has no tags and is very under weight. The dog welcomed its self into our home and then attacked my Yorkie. If your have lost this dog please call me at 250-558-7158

Posted by:Pauline VanKoll

Posted June 18, 2016

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Dog adoption bid goes off the rails
Kelowna Daily Courier - March 17, 2016 - Andrea Peacock

Where is Angus?
Angus is one of the dogs West Kelowna resident Lorinda Shmyr was hoping to adopt.

Where is Pepper?
Pepper, is one of the dogs West Kelowna resident Lorinda Shmyr was hoping to adopt.

Lorinda Shmyr thought she had two dogs lined up to adopt, but when the dogs seemed to go missing without a trace, she was left only with questions.

“I’ve always had a dog, they are a part of my family,” said Shmyr, a West Kelowna resident. “I feel lost without a dog.”
Last Thursday, a co-worker told Shmyr a friend was trying to get rid of her two dogs and asked if Shmyr might be interested in them.
“She sent me pictures, and I said, ‘they’re so cute, they’re exactly what I’m looking for,’ so I asked her a few questions via text message and asked if I could come see them.”
Shmyr scheduled an appointment for that evening, but the other woman later rescheduled for Friday.
“On Friday at about 3:30, I texted her and said I’ll come shortly after I get off work at 4:30, and she sent me a message back saying the dogs were no longer available and it’s a really long story,” said Shmyr. “I said that’s too bad, and I hope it’s a good story.”

The woman replied back saying one of the dogs had gotten out and had been taken by dog control.
“Then she said she can’t bare to have them separated, so she was going to bring the other dog to dog control.”
When Shmyr got in touch with her again via text message after work, the woman said she had already taken the other dog to dog control.

On Saturday, Shmyr called dog control to inquire about the dogs to see if she could adopt them.
“The guy basically shrugged me off and said the dogs are no longer at our facility.”
Shmyr then called Paws it Forward Dog Rescue, Okanagan Small Dog Rescue Society and the SPCA, but no one knew anything about the dogs.

“I just find it so disheartening,” said Shmyr. “It’s like, what happened to them? How come I don’t have the option to look at them and take them?”

Shmyr’s last dog died in May 2015, and she was looking forward to finally having a dog in her life again.
“It was very traumatic for me,” she said. “Just within the last month, my husband and I decided we were ready to get another dog. I was planning on spending the weekend with them. You get all these ideas in your head of what you’re going to do, but then it didn’t happen.”

Shmyr is still hoping to locate the dogs and bring them home with her.
“The dog control website says the dogs go to the SPCA when the SCPA has room, so I’m going to call them every day,” she said.


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Female black dog with no dog tag was found March 7, 2016, and is at RDCO Dog Pound now

She was found on Shalal Road about 2pm coming out of the yard from the second house on the right from the end of Shalal Road.  We were turning around and this girl came running out onto the road.  We couldn't see anyone around and the dog was around the wheels of the vehicle so we parked until we knew it would be safe, but that was taking a while and we couldn't see anyone, so we went knocking on doors but never found anyone home, just dogs barking inside those homes when we knocked.  While we were standing in front of this dog on Shalal Road contemplating what to do for her, RDCO CAO Brian Reardon happened to call us back to say that RDCO will only attend to at large dogs if they are a safety issue.  Brian Reardon was calling us to let us know that our dog complaint about the two at large dogs we seen a couple days earlier would not be acted on.  I said well I just happen to be standing in front of a safety issue for this dog because nobody seems to be home, and this is a rural area where a small dog like this is coyote food.  Brian Reardon didn't seem to care and said he was leaving the dog there because it wasn't a safety issue.  The dog was shivering cold, so we bundled it up with all its burrs stuck to its stomach and legs, and tucked it under our coat and took it along with our large dog in the vehicle too, and we went home.  The little dog growled at the big dog trying to sniff so we told our dog (the bigger dog) to stay away and we took our dog home and then took the found dog to RDCO pound where she was accepted.  If you care to call RDCO CAO Brian Reardon because you would want RDCO to care about your dog instead of leave it to be coyote food, you may want to give Brian Reardon a phone call at 250-763-4918.  CAO Brian Reardon is the top head of dog control, then there is Mary Jane Drouin under him and then under both of them is Diane Mernick.  Brian Reardon may try to pass you off to dog control like he does with us, but don't let that deter you, because it is Brian Reardon who is ultimately responsible.  After the dog was warmed up, treated, and delivered to RDCO Dog Pound, we left a message on RDCO CAO Brian Reardon's answering machine saying that there is a new dog control officer for this area and she is free, and that RDCO dog manager said on audio at Feb 22, 2016 RDCO Board meeting that at large dogs are a safety issue, and Brian Reardon says different, and that RDCO is confusing me and that I didn't think they know if they are coming or going down there.

burrs on her legs and chest

burrs on her stomach

she is the sweetest dog

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Seen this facebook post on March 6, 2016

Probably the same two dogs we seen at large on Feb 9, 2016

We seen these two dogs on Alpine Road at 3:55pm March 5, 2016 as well as at our gate at 8:16pm March 6, 2016

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It says This little kitty showed up at our door tonight.  Was frozen, wet, thirsty and really hungry.  We live in Westshore estate.  Help us find his owner.  Thanks.

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UPDATE.. these two dogs belong to the High Farm up Shalal Road

Feb 9, 2016 about 2pm we noticed two dogs on Firwood Road at Valley of the Sun.  We took some pictures before they disappeared over the hill by Valley of the Sun sign heading towards Kelowna.


This dog looks part shepherd from behind, but his head looks pitbull.




This is the Valley of the Sun sign we are talking about, a bit to the right of that red circle



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January 15, 2016

This intact male, long haired Chihuahua was found today on Sexsmith Rd in Kelowna, across the street from our clinic. He’s been posted on the Okanagan missing dog facebook page. We’ll keep him for the day and hand him off to the SPCA tonight. He doesn’t have a microchip or a tattoo. He’s very sweet and doesn’t look like he’s been missing for long.

Thank you,
Baleigh, RVT
Okanagan Veterinary Hospital


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Anyone on Westside rd recognise this dog?.. Male..not sure if neutered ..

Posted on facebook by Wendy MacLean-Granby Rhodesians


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Found on Westside road Jan 11, 2016 within 5 min of La Casa and Fintry area on the Kelowna side, he's a male unneutered
He's a really nice dog, doesn't bark, does tricks, and super friendly.

We found this lovely boy on westside road. Very friendly and well mannered but no collar or tattoo. Please inbox me or call 306-570-5897 if he belongs to you.

Posted by: Aaron Kirkpatrick

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Is this your dog that ate our pets food and left its waste in our yard on March 27, 2015 between 5:43pm - 5:52pm at Valley of the Sun?

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Missing in Peachland

UPDATE:  This pup is now home :)

B/W 14mo. old, male border collie/lab cross


Identifying marks: brown eyes, white-tipped tail, healing wound right hip/back area, limps due to both hips are bad, not neutered

Last seen: Pineridge/Princeton in Peachland, morning of Dec.24th around 11:00am

Call or text (250) 864.8644 OR

1.604.837.7670 or 250-767-6456

Email: RLSapollo "at" or TAROB "at" SHAW.CA

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Does anyone know the owner of this dog? Young male Great Dane found on Bear Lake main road, above Westside road. Has been taken to Fairfield animal hospital in Kelowna. We seen this posted on facebook by Caitlin Sirett.

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UPDATE:  This dog found his way home :)

Nov 4, 2014 at approx. 6pm, this dog was found on Westside Road.  If you know who's dog it is, contact us and we will pass the message onto the person who posted this on Facebook, if you don't have Facebook.

We enquired, and the dog was found down by the old go cart track at the Hwy near the Vernon end of Westside Road.



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Cassie Yorke‎ - Vernon Dogs facebook - October 21, 2014


Alright people open your hearts and your home for this lovely lady. She was abandoned out Westside Road and is in desperate need of a home. I was informed and plan on picking her up later today if I can find her I do not have the means to keep her I have two dogs and live in a building with a max. Even if you could foster her that would be great. I don't know much information on her aside from General location and according to construction works was kicked out of a vehicle late last night. And is friendly. Pm me if you can help

If you know who owns this dog and you are not on facebook, please contact us here and give us a phone number we can call.  We can get in touch with Cassie York for you.

Apparently she is still at large, because someone in the area said that they think she lives in the area and is around the school bus when it comes, so is keeping his eye out today.  If this is your dog, you should keep your eye on this one, or you may loose her, she is trying to get into vehicles.

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Found at Newport Beach Store on Westside Road.  This was posted on Facebook by this person on Vernon and Area Buy'n Sell & Swap, Trade, Give away Aug 2, 2014

This dog made it home safe.

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Public assistance sought to find missing dog
by Staff Writer - Vernon Morning Star - Jun 27, 2014

The public is being asked to reunite a missing dog with its owner.

Armstrong RCMP report that on Thursday evening, a small, tan coloured Chihuahua dog went missing near the fire hall on Westside Road. The dog was last seen running down the road in that area.

Anyone who has seen the dog is asked to call the Armstrong RCMP.

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Found chocolate lab cross (possibly pitbull) near OKeefe ranch in Vernon walking alongside the road. Have choke chain as collar with tags saying Charlie. Called phone number on tag but they must have changed it because the people said it wasn’t their dog.

Source Petsearchers

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This dog in the video at the link below was in our yard at Valley of the Sun at 2:05am Jan 30 2014.

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COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
NAME: Stephanie
PHONENUMBER: 250-498-3996
EMAIL: stephanie at
Date: April 24, 2014
Time: 08:22 PM


Neighbour lost his dog - her name is Lucy lost in the area of the industrial in Oliver

PET_COLOR: Lightbrindle
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
NAME: Carly
ADDRESS: Finch rd, Lake Country, BC
PHONENUMBER: 250-870-7898
Date: March 30, 2014
Time: 10:49 PM


Shiloah went missing from Finch Rd area in Lake Country on Saturday March 29. She is very sick and we are extremely worried about her. We would appreciate any information on her whereabouts

PET_COLOR: golden
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250-492-3980
EMAIL: name "at"
Date: March 30, 2014
Time: 04:56 PM


found young male large yellow/golden cross dog approx one year old.

Gemma is still missing from near Swan Lake.  There is now a $250 reward for her safe return.  Still not found October 21, 2014

Gemma is missing from near Swan Lake
~MISSING DOG~ I am missing my baby!!! I am asking everyone to PLEASE keep and eye out for my baby girl Gemma. She went missing Monday, Dec 16, near swan lake fruit stand, and I have a feeling someone picked her up, and has her in their home....she could be across town...or anywhere, so PLEASE PLEASE watch for my girl! She has a tattoo in her RIGHT ear 329-KLA. I have reported her to dog control and radio stations and contacted a few vets....I will be going to check out the dog parks regularly till i find my baby....and Gemma, I still have your bowl of food ready and waiting for you!! Hope to see you soon girl Just want my girl safe and warm. Call me anytime if you think you see her - 250-306-4091 Rhonda


PET_COLOR: orange
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 2504865477
EMAIL: name "at"
Date: December 26, 2013
Time: 01:49 AM


UPDATE: George was found the next morning and he did not spend the night outside, someone took him home.

English Bulldog named GEORGE 3 months old missing at Valley of the Sun, Westside Road since 11pm Dec 5, 2013 call 250-306-8041


PET_COLOR: black
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
NAME: Megan
PHONENUMBER: 250-938-0271
Date: December 03, 2013
Time: 12:46 AM


PLEASE help very loving missed pet..not showing up anywhere

UPDATE This baby was found and is home safe after spending one night alone in the bush :)

PET_COLOR: Blondwhite
TYPE_OF_PET: Rhodesianridgebackbeagle
COMMUNITY: Westside Road
NAME: David and Megan Clyne
ADDRESS: 749 Bernard Ave
PHONENUMBER: 250 300 9593
EMAIL: Clynec"at"
Date: November 04, 2013
Time: 03:41 PM


Her name is Abbie and she is about 60 pounds.

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UPDATE: This Kitty made it home

IS THIS YOUR CAT?? Westside Kelowna area

Found (Oct 24, 2013) on Killarney Ave. in Killiney Beach area. Solid cream body with a little darkening in the face. Very friendly. Please email if this is your kitty. Mark Griffiths, marliv "at"

Posted here Oct 27, 2013

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Unidentified Dog Now with SPCA

An unidentified, male Poodle mix dog nicknamed ‘Buddy’, is doing much better and is now in the care of the Kelowna SPCA.

Even with local and provincial media coverage, the owner of the dog has not been identified. Until this afternoon, the injured dog received care from the Regional District of Central Okanagan. Under the RDCO Dog Regulation and Impounding Bylaw No. 366, if a dog is not claimed within 72 hours of coming into the care of Dog Control, the Regional District assumes responsibility for the dog.

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, “We’re surprised that ‘Buddy’s’ owner hasn’t come forward, but want to thank everyone who has contacted our Dog Pound staff for their concern since we began publicizing the dog on Friday afternoon. There’ve been offers of financial support for medical care as well as people willing to adopt the dog. Since a new owner will be needed, the Regional District has transferred the dog to the care of the Kelowna branch of the BC SPCA, which will at an appropriate time facilitate adoption.” So far this year the Regional District has transferred over 50 unclaimed dogs to the SPCA for adoption.

The dog was initially picked up late Friday morning by Dog Control staff after receiving a call from a Hein Road resident that the dog was in their backyard and was bleeding. It suffered head and shoulder injuries, thought to be the result of being hit by a vehicle.

Smith adds, “We want to assure everyone that from the outset, the dog has been receiving appropriate and constant care at a veterinary clinic. It received initial treatment to stabilize and help it rest comfortably and on Friday evening on the advice of the RDCO veterinarian, underwent further surgery to fix its damaged shoulder and facial injuries. The great news is that we understand the initially suspected facial fracture was not as serious as had been thought and the dog is doing much better, allowing the transfer to the SPCA.”

When the dog was found it was wearing a black nylon collar, but unfortunately there was no license to help identify it and reunite it with its owner. As well, despite several checks, no tattoo or microchip were found.

Dog licences may be purchased in person at any local government office in the Central Okanagan. Locations are available in the Dog section of the Regional District website That’s where you’ll find other information about the Regional Dog service and what to do if you lose or find a dog.

(September 9, 2013)

Source:  RDCO's Whats New

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Injured dog to be adopted soon
Monday, 09 September 2013 - Kelowna Daily Courier

A popular pooch who seems to be almost everybody's best friend will soon be available for adoption.
The male poodle, nicknamed Buddy, is now in the care of the Kelowna SPCA. The dog was found injured last week, and efforts to find its owner have been unsuccessful despite considerable local and even provincial news coverage.
"We're surprised that Buddy's owner hasn't come forward, but we want to thank everyone who has contacted our dog pound staff for their concern," said regional district spokesman Bruce Smith.
"There have been offers of financial support for medical care, as well as people willing to adopt the dog," he said. The SPCA will now facilitate an adoption when the time is right for little Buddy to get his forever home."
Every year, the regional district transfers more than 50 unclaimed dogs from the pound to the SPCA for adoption.
Buddy's plight garnered extra special attention because a heart-tugging picture of the dog, shown with a bloodied face, was released by the regional district.

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Officials looking for owner of severely injured dog
AM 1150 - 9/5/2013

Regional District of Central Okanagan officials are pleading with the public to identify the owner of a small poodle type dog found severely injured in the backyard of a Hein Road Home in Rutland Thursday morning.

Dog control Officers found the animal in distress and made attempts to locate the possible owner with no luck.

"Nobody up there is aware of who might own the dog, nobody has seen it before and we're appealing to the public to come forward with the identity of the owner because the dog requires surgery," says Bruce Smith, Communications for the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

Anyone with information on the what happened to the dog or the identity of the owner can contact Regional Dog Control at the Dog Pound - 890 Weddell Place in Kelowna by calling 250-979-0925.

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