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ICBC Automobile Insurance System


LAST UPDATE June 28, 2015

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Don't believe everything you read here unless you know it is fact as these comments below are only the writers own opinion which could be based on their own belief which may not always be true.

The comments here will not be edited!  The comments and opinions expressed here are of the writers own opinion and in their own words to protect the writers right to free speech and opinion.  Some of the paragraphs may be offensive to some.  If you are easily offended you should close this webpage.

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SUBJECT: Petition to stop ICBC abuses.
NAME: Larry Mueller
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
EMAIL: Larryhmuelleratshaw.ca
Date: February 13, 2014


The petition "Abolish the Insurance Corp. of BC and its abuses" identifies unacceptable conduct by this insurer. You can help bring about beneficial change by adding your name to the petition. Name does not have to be displayed. Simply access; thepetitionsite.com/312/763/163/abolish-the-insurance-corp-of-british-columbia-and-its-abuses/ The stunning examples of abuses on website; acquiredbraininjuryawareness.com Actual Cases #1 and #3 WILL trigger action. Sign the petition and create change!

SUBJECT: IS HST Payable Even if You're Not at Fault
NAME: Fred C
ADDRESS: 4250 Loenholm
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250-598-2973
EMAIL: fredcarver"at"remax.net
Date: May 30, 2012


Recently a car hit my passenger door. ICBC ruled in my favour saying the other Driver's insurance would pay all of my car repairs. Except Now they are saying even though it's not my Fault I must pay the HST on the Total repair Bill, because I'm a HST registrant. The other party gets off paying the HST only their $300 deductible on their insurance . Is this really Legal? So far I have not paid the HST, my Accountant doesn't think ICBC can force me to pay the HST.

Paying for repairs

Depending on your claim, when you pick up your vehicle, you may have to pay the shop:
  • a deductible—the amount you have to pay for repairs or costs before your insurance kicks in to pay for the rest

  • a portion of the cost of depreciation—when previously damaged or worn parts are repaired or replaced, or previously damaged or worn bodywork is painted

  • HST (applies to “HST registrants” only)

If your repair shop doesn’t accept ICBC estimates, you will have to pay the full cost of repairs and apply to ICBC to be reimbursed.

Source: ICBC Repairing Your Vehicle May 30, 2012


SUBJECT: ICBC it's time to take it down
NAME: Patrick
ADDRESS: Heglund
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250-558-9133
EMAIL: hylineattelusplanet.net
Date: May 08, 2012


I use ICBC as the deciding factor in every provincial election. If a party or candidate doesn't have a platform to remove the ICBC monopoly I don't vote for them. The ICBC alone comprises 6 percent of the provincial GDP. That is double what it should be. Those inflated insurance premiums and those oversize fines are sucking the province dry. There are alot of things wrong in BC but the first thing on my agenda is the privatization of insurance across the board.

SUBJECT: Fog lamps use and abuse
NAME: robt Johnson
ADDRESS: Nelson B.C.
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250 352 9185
EMAIL: oryerbrj "at" gmail.com
Date: February 12, 2012


when we are driving at nightime when the weather is really clear and there are other vehicles on the highway have you experienced any of these conditions (A) an oncoming vehicle dims their high beam lamps and when the lights go to low beam mode, There are now low beam and 2 bright fog lamps giving double the light fro us to try and see the roadway and avoid colliding with the oncoming vehicle on the centerline (B) a vehicle travelling behind us wants to pass and travels closely behind waiting a turn to pass and we are doing the speed limit the driver dims his high beam lamps and then we have 4 lamp blowing twice as much light into the side and rear view mirrors ( clear weather night) I.C.B.C ignore enforcing the rules through the Night time roadside M.V. inspection along with the R.C.M.P. to ensure that only fog lamps or low beam lamps are use in fog or poor visibility weather conditions But there is no safety regulation as there is in the U.K to prevent the overuse of fog lamps when the weather is clear I.C.B.C simply set back and pay all the costs and allow unsafe conditions to remain on the B.C highways systems

SUBJECT: Sand cost V/s insurance settlements
NAME: Robt Johnson
ADDRESS: 106 104 Morgan street
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250 352 9185
EMAIL: oryerbrj "at" gmail.com
Date: February 11, 2012


as a retired 35 year service Highways operations worker we had a provincial policy of Black roads in winter. I.C.B.C. need to shake their heads and start doing some cost analisis of the Major settlements involved in auto accidents deaths and damage claims associated with Black Ice condition accidents, we dont have a problem with having winter tires and driving road conditions But there is a condition called Glare ice, That forms in the afternoon when moisture on the roadway freezes and creates black ice conditions, we always had a sand truck patrol the road system and apply sand to these known conditions that are causation factors to expensive major vehicle accidents. accident prevention is the tool that keeps insurance cost lower and a load of sand is historically a lot lower cost than having to pay for repairs, replacement vehicles, Injury accidents and large law suits for deaths or injuries, If the current system cannot be managed in an accident prevention goal perhaps I.C.B.C should assess road and bridge contractors for a percentage of the cost of all a accidents where the contractor has chosen to pocket the Money rather than place sand on Known Factors related to the creation of vehicle accident causing injuries and death

SUBJECT: Insurance Rate Increase
NAME: S. Gunther
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
Date: December 01, 2011


I feel that ICBC corporation is taking advantage of our insurance to benefit their own bank account. You are over paid and too many bonuses given out at the public's expense. It is time to stop gouging the consumer we get screwed every chance you people get its time to STOP and listen. Or give back some of those bonuses and start getting paid like the rest of us a reasonable rate not a outrageous one.

SUBJECT: Body shop employees forced to take 30% pay cuts
COMMUNITY: Westside Road
Date: October 08, 2011


IS there any truth to the rumour that ICBC is granting a pay raise to it's authorized body shops based on the reduction of pay to body shop employees of up to 30%? I've received this information from a source that I deem reliable but reluctant to come forward in fear of being fired.

SUBJECT: ICBC plan of action for Claims are not fair to BC Policy holders
NAME: Sam Jesso
ADDRESS: Apt # 205, 10311, 96 Ave, Fort St John, BC, V1J4Y1
COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
PHONENUMBER: 250 793 0457
EMAIL: samjesso "at" msn.com
Date: July 27, 2011


ICBC Claim of unfairness My issues with my Van are Damages done to my van in storage Claim No. 1: Concern: paint chips right door and panels. Also all the scratches surrounding all around my Van from all the windows down. This happen in midtown storage. Was not there before. Claim No. 2 Hit and run White mark right rear side fender. Dent in rear hatch door and bent bumper, Rear Driver's tail was also unnoticed. This might of happen in my parking spot at home time unknown. There is no 4 claims should only be 2 I am very UN happy of all the procedures that are taking place and all the proofing of my self-arguing disputing writing emails, Questions. I am in so much frustration and stress with this ordeal. This is UN real. I never did have this much problems with any Insurance companies in my life in Canada until I came to BC and had to deal with ICBC. Insurance companies always fix things and put it back to the way it was. The Estimators were fair. The job was well done. Your ICBC approved body shops don’t want to fix it right. Just in and out and fast and quick fix or patched. Sorry we miss something brings it back and we will fix it maybe hopefully without dispute. Neither does ICBC Estimators, There is so much of conflict of interest. To save ICBC money. We as a client pay lots but who cares if you pay or how much you pay .ICBC will do it the fastest cheapest way not to spend any of their clients’ money back to them. The lots of money of many BC residences pay out every year. ICBC is getting richer from cases like mine. If ICBC Estimators miss something if you don't catch it or dispute it. ICBC will say whatever they can say ,bluff and denied to the client is wrong in a nice way not to call you a liar to make it appear to be that was the not the fault do to whatever claim you are making. Nothing will be said if you don't speak out and get second opinions. First visit to in this deal in this claim to ICBC they never mention my rear bumper was bent hoping it would go UN notice, Second visit it was notice by the estimators but nothing was said. Do I have to go out of province and hire a private estimator to wash and check my van with a scope? I know the truth. I am telling to you all over and over. ICBC don’t care just looking for a way to save a dollar a shut me up. It’s all connected, Estimators, Body shops Etc.: What a big CONFLICT OF INTEREST PEOPLE OF BC HAVE TO DEAL WITH. I know better I have lots experience and I been around dealt with insurance claims all my life with myself or someone else’s. Don’t treat me like a fool. I didn’t just come off a boat, You are seeing it more and more I am right. I am not stopping till I get what I pay for and that is fairness, justice and my van put back to these pictures as it was a year ago. A park van does not have wear and tear. I am not a criminal, I am not a fault, and I pay full coverage for my Van. I do not need to be treated like this anymore. None of this right. I am not going to give up or shut up and settle for nothing less. These are my rights and your concerns deal with it and make it right. Me and my family is so stressed out . We don't know how much more we can take us may need to seek professional help to help us cope with our problems that ICBC have inflecting on us. The emotional distress. ICBC Make I and all BC Clients lose faith in the system. Fix it!! ICBC requested for previous owner information so I did and as will pictures of last year perfect condition. Now ICBC is saying the pictures of my van freshly painted last year are not 2010. The pictures are from 2005. My van is a 2007. I supply them with the previous owners contact information. ICBC will do whatever it takes for you to be in the policy holder to be wrong. To not pay to fix your Vehicles at their cost as it was even if you had whatever kind insurance money can buy. How many of you are Happy with ICBC and Do you have the same issues? Thank you very much Have a nice day Samuel Jesso

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