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The comments here will not be edited!  The comments and opinions expressed here are of the writers own opinion and in their own words to protect the writers right to free speech and opinion.  Some of the paragraphs may be offensive to some.  If you are easily offended you should close this webpage.

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COMMUNITY: Aspen Shores
OTHERCOMMUNITY: Medical emergency, a threat to life, brain damage, wireless stalking, extortion, threats, CBC hospitals' ratings
Date: May 28, 2013


traduire http://translate.google.com/ Please forward to CEO, president of hospital health system. A situation exists in hospitals of which perhaps you are not aware. Nurses, patients and visitors are being assaulted with wireless current, psychotronic military technologies; doctors run illegal wireless psychotronic experiments out of hospitals, their residences etc. Below is email I've sent. I am sending you two emails. These emails are now in the hands of 406 major Canadian hospitals’ CEOs and LHINs. These hospitals received A+, A, B, C, D and unrated ratings by CBC. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 28, 2013 Below is email I’ve sent to Stephen Harper and a copy to his Conservative government. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RE: Medical Emergency, a Threat to Life What have you done, Harper?! Have you encased me in a wireless psychotronic Poland’s Auschwitz 49 electromagnetic concentration camp cage, and are now attacking me with BlackOps attacks, wireless current, wireless electricity because you are running out of pension funds; and now you are trying to murder me with the help from domestic terrorists, my neighbors, their cohorts all members of Scientology?! Is that why several decades ago, your Conservative government, illegally assigned me a bar code, which is now being sold by my neighbours, unintelligent, uneducated people, members of Scientology Nazi Party Satanic cult?! Using my human body frequency, they have been giving wireless access to my brain, organs and body to others, subjecting me to extreme cruelty, torture, pain, and wireless hatred attacks day and night. They ambushed me, tied my hands behind my back and proceeded to rape me. And they did this to me at all my previous residences: Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton again, Dundas, Stoney Creek and now at Niagara Falls. They ambushed me at all those locations, used psychotronics and wireless electricity on me at all locations. It has been proven that those who live close to electromagnetic fields such as hydro and cell towers have more cancers than the rest of the population. Also, these kinds of attacks cause high blood pressure, which in turn, can cause kidney failure. Who authorized this?! Intent to maim and kill was established as soon as illegal wireless connection from your psychotronic slow-kill supercomputer to my body was established by the Conservative government. Through illegal assignment of a bar code, Conservatives took away human dignity from me. Through the assignment of a bar code, physical damage was done to my brain stem and that can be proven. I now have a technological gun pointing at my brain. And we paid for it through our taxes. We would not be tortured in properly functioning political, social and justice system. They have access to our thoughts, record them and sell that information. It is obvious that Conservatives did not consider the effects of their decisions would have on our health, safety, and on the economy and therefore, they are liable. Scientology members are sending me messages that I don’t deserve to live because I am Polish, and that they intend to exterminate my whole family. They also sent me, downloaded a Himler dream to my brain. They programmed Conservative’s psychotronic Nazi extermination, murder machine to send me “Hitler” messages every time I swallow. How did they get access to my brain, my thoughts, organs and body? Who authorized this?! High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behaviour or even drive victims to suicide. This is extreme cruelty and a hate crime. This is in violation of all known human rights, treaties, laws and unconstitutionally used on me and the public sector. It is endangering my health, safety, privacy and it is a breach of a privilege. Proof of intent to harm was established as soon as connection was established from your psychotronic wireless military technology supercomputer to my brain and body. Proof is also in my DNA. Because of Conservatives’ decision to assign me a bar code and attach me to a psychotronic slow-kill, Nazi extermination machine, you have destroyed my life, my career, my ability to earn a living and support myself, sleep, rest and live my life the way I am entitled to live it. I am unable to sleep, breathe properly, there is a tightness in my chest, tightness in my throat; I am being technologically raped, my body is constantly being accessed, and numerous messages are constantly being sent to me using RNM, V2K, DEW, ELF, Sigint, VDI, EBL, Silent Sound, 3D speech and sound and numerous other wireless military technologies intended only to be used by the military on the enemy in time of war; not on law abiding civilian population. I informed all of you over a year and a half ago. To date, I’ve had no response from anyone. Conservatives did nothing to respond to an emergency. I want to know how did unstable, stupid, uneducated people, members of a Satanic cult, Nazi Party Scientology get wireless access to my body?! Of all the things we protect, Conservatives left our most valued possession, our brains wide open, exposed to invasion. This is negligence by Conservative government, the police, our justice system, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and doctors. They fraudulently pass of vicious technological assaults as physical and mental ailments. And now they are teaching their children and grandchildren, hatred, Satanism, how to disrespect, use, murder and assault people. They are creating another generation of haters. They have been using psychotronics and COAST, a criminal arm of police forces, which is controlled by Scientology Nazi Party. They attack us, and pass all costs onto us through taxation, especially for the past ten years. They are a menace to public health. COAST MUST be shut down in all provinces. When COAST attacks, they don’t just come in one police car, instead, six or seven police cars show up. They abduct people, take them to Scientology corrupt doctors to use them as guinea pigs for illegal, unauthorized medical and pharmaceutical experiments in hospitals using unapproved drugs. Those involved receive commissions for these experiments and attacks. During past ten years, COAST kidnapped me six times using corrupt cops and doctors, and attempted to do it again numerous other times. After the sixths time, I obtained reports, tabulated costs and discovered that those six attacks cost Canadian taxpayers over a million dollars. That is why our justice costs are so high; they are abusing the system through COAST. They also submit illegal invoices for “visitation” of patients in hospitals under SEEN. Agnes Ancio worked as a nurse in hospitals, her doctor is Dr. Ado who works at Morrison Walk-In Clinic, Niagara Falls. I have reason to believe that Cecil and Sybrich Dam have been attacking Niagara Falls community members for decades, as long as they have lived in Niagara Falls; have been organizing mobs, members of Scientology not only to attack me, but numerous other members of the community, and extorting money from them as well. The attacks are done not only through programming of psychotronic extermination supercomputers; but also by organized individuals, in person using wireless technologies and mobs. Also involved in these attacks is another employee of Niagara Falls Library sytems. There are equivalents to COAST police/medical organizations in all countries. And there are many other individuals in the same situation. They kidnapped me from my own residence each time. Once, they drilled right through my front door lock to get inside. Another time, the police dragged me out of my own home while I was still in my night gown. Another time, they dragged me out of my house without my shoes. Then COAST mob kept throwing stones, food and cigarettes at my front door and windows, and kept ringing my door bell, when I refused to let them in. They are using all attacks on us in illegal wirelessly recorded “reality shows”, ‘”events”, idiotic street theatre for purposes of distraction while they steal our money. They are passing the costs onto the taxpayers, while making profits and not declaring revenues to Canadian Revenue Agency. There is also very serious abuse of tax money through every two weeks money downloads to hospitals. Hospitals abuse that setup by keeping a patient for two weeks, then transferring that patient to another hospital within their health system, then to yet another and so on and so on….. Using illegal psychotronic military technologies, Scientology members, people who live next door to me and their cohorts have been making death threats and extorting, demanding money from me. They torture me day and night. Most recently, they murdered Peter Kormos, former Welland’s MP who publicly exposed them on television for allowing their people who are not police officers, to impersonate police, to dress in police uniforms and drive in police cars. And now, they murdered Elijaji Harper, using wireless psychotronic military technologies which are illegal for them to own. Elijaji Harper Aboriginal leader who was also a Manitoba MLA who stopped Meech Lake Accord, after which Canadians forced Brian Mulroney out of office. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2013/05/17/mb-elijah-harper-condolences-storify-winnipeg.html Not only are they attacking and stalking nurses in hospitals, but also patients and visitors, using psychotronic technologies of mass destruction. How did they get access to our bodies? How did they copy our memories and knowledge?! And where is that information stored, on Conservatives’ supercomputers? Psychotronic technology is based on devices designed to introduce subliminal messages and to alter the body’s psychological and physical data-processing capabilities, and is used to incapacitate individuals. These weapons aim to control and alter the psyche, and attack various sensory and physical data processing systems of a human body. This accounts for many unexplained deaths. Through Conservatives’ and Scientology wireless psychotronic programming, they torture me day and night by sending me numerous painful signals to my body such as pancreas, my brain, kidneys, all over my body, extremely painful signals to the bottom of my spine, needle like signals to my eyes, head and all over my body constantly. I am not able to rest, I have no peace, security or privacy because of Conservatives decision to assign Canadians barcodes, IPs, or human GPS. Wireless signals pass through the skin, through body tissue and into the organs; this is assault. We are now being hunted like animals. They call us products. Using their wireless technologies they read our minds. These people are unable to feel empathy, sympathy for people; they hate everyone, including their own. They send gas smells into the area where I am located. I am constantly being stalked and assaulted day and night. But it wasn’t enough that Conservatives and Scientology Nazi Party did this to us. You, Conservatives, and Brian Mulroney, according to your ideology also decided to shove it into our faces. In 1987 Conservatives approved that Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation establish another lottery - 6/49. Number “6” stands for Satanism, number “49” stands for Poland’s Auschwitz concentration camps; except this time, it is individual concentration camps electromagnetic cages, wireless current, wireless electricity, into which Conservative government put us and your people are now hunting us like animals, demanding, extorting money from us. And true to their “in your face” ideology, OLG 6/49 Lotto commercials state: “Welcome to Cloud 649” – translation: “Welcome to Auschwitz”. Where are they getting wireless current?! Who is supplying wireless electricity to them?! How much information have they illegally extracted from people, stolen from us over the past several decades?! What have their private profits have been from this?! Brian Mulroney assigned us, illegally human wireless tracking GPS, bar codes and called it a “common sense revolution”. And we paid for it through taxes without our knowledge or permission. I think it is time to show Conservatives what common sense revolution means to the country. Millions, if not billions of people are suffering because of Conservatives decision to track us like animals and use wireless military psychotronics on Canadian population. Wireless current, wireless electricity has the ability to break human bones. Where are people who live next door to me getting wireless current, wireless electricity which they use to attack me?! These people are sadists. We are human beings, not ToysRUs toys. I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen who emigrated from Poland in 1962, and who has been contributing to the society. In 1962 Conservatives were also in power, and there wasn’t any help available for immigrants; I was 16, I couldn’t speak English and I was on my own. I want to know what are you doing about, what is your Conservative government doing about it. If you think that you can keep this quiet, you cannot. Last year, I, alone have sent out 300,000 – (50 page) detailed emails, and $40,000 dollars-worth of faxes across the globe. And millions of people are doing the same. It is very apparent that human life is not important to the Conservative government. This will cost you your next election, Harper. We stopped Mitt Romney, despite vicious attacks and despite the fact that he spent $400 million dollars on his election, owns voting machines, owns electronic companies, owns a military company and has military contracts, owns a company which produces abortion robots, owns Linkedln, has our illegal human GPS, HAARP weather technologies and owns Weather Station (Sandy storm?), owns Staples, Burger King, Domino Pizza, Dollar Stores, “Hell’s Kitchen” Television show; owns ArcelorMittal a steel company in Hamburg, Germany, has the ability to download our thoughts, stole our memories and knowledge, owns centralized electronic security within hospitals and universities, has Mormons’ supercomputer in Germany, and uses mass mind control on population; we will stop you as well Harper. Jessica Wallace 7055 Parklawn Crescent Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 5B8 905 356 9836 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This part was added to emails sent to the public. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ How wealthy are Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney? What does each own? Brian Mulroney had the audacity to sue Canadian taxpayers for $25 million after we ousted him out of office. Stephen Harper had the audacity to spend $25 million on one panda at a time when Canada’s financial situation is in jeopardy. Does he have private contracts from China in return? It must be publicly disclosed what each of them owns and how they acquired those assets. Nothing will change as long as Harper is in power. And now we found out that Harper’s Conservative government, through their legislation has been hiring foreign workers, (Scientology India, a criminal company) instead of giving those jobs to Canadians. Scientology is a dead society, which acquired biotechnological status with the help from medical, pharmaceutical, and police professions. Scientology cult lives parasitically, attaching itself to human and social flesh. Once they become parasiticaly attached to their victim host i.e. (hospitals, human beings, governments, schools, associations, families, companies, clubs, entertainment industry etc., Scientology proceeds to eat away and destroy that to which they are attached, until there is nothing left of the host; their aim is to destroy the victim host. Once, destroyed, they proceed to their next parasitic victim host. They desperately cling to their host until they destroy it, always feeding off their parasitic attachment. Without it, they don’t exit. By itself, they don’t exit. It is a dead society. That’s what all the “reality” shows, “events” are all about. Without their fabricated “reality” shows, they don’t exist. If you have them in your life, they are there for one purpose only – to destroy you. Only by destroying you, their organization continues to survive. That’s what all the murders by suicide are all about. Harper not only supports Scientology, but also promotes this criminal organization, and physical and technological slavery which they impose on our society. I am calling for Stephen Harper’s impeachment. Vote and associate with those who are most likely to save your lives. Please forward this information to others; we all need this information so that we can protect ourselves and not vote for criminals. If they attacked pensions, they have also attacked money initially designated towards students’ fees. Patent Number - 7629918 - hunting humans www.patents.com Patent – Brunken – 4877027 – situational awareness And Republicans did the same thing in the United States. People who have been wirelessly and in person stalking and assaulting me, destroyed my life, career and property are people who live next door to me, Cecil and Sybrich Dam, 7065 Parklawn Crescent, Niagara Falls, members of the Nazi Party and a Satanic cult. They have been hiding in Dutch “Christian” Reformed (to Satanism) “Church” on Jepson Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Also, their cohorts, Gary and Particia Ward, and John and Agnes Ancio who live on Paisley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario. She works for Niagara Falls library; he works for Canadian Tire; and a woman manager of Coronation Seniors Centre on Summer St., Niagara Falls, Ontario; (she immigrated from the United Kingdom to Canada; her Ontario car license plate is ANYV124 purchased at CarNation). I now know that Dams have been stalking me, undermining my life since 1972. Using illegal military wireless technologies they have been extorting money from me. If anyone has any information regarding these people, please send it to me by mail (anonymously if you wish). These people have a cold-blooded desire to kill. Do they own any other properties? Some of their money may be kept in Maridian Bank. How many banks are they dealing with? How much money have they extorted, and stolen from other people and who are their other victims? Have they transferred any assets to other family members including their grandchildren? Who are their other cohorts, members of this criminal mob? From whom did they steal money or properties, how much and where is it kept? They must be publicly exposed! Put that information on the bulletin boards, including their pictures, address this issue in the communities and in the newspapers. In some of the states in the USA there are legislations punishing the ownership or trading with those technologies by non governmental entities. For example in the state of Michigan the sentence for this crime is equal to the sentence for ownership or trading with weapons of mass destruction. Harper’s Conservative government, for decades has allowed our tax money to be used to pay for funeral expenses of wealthy Seiks Indians and Iranians. We have been paying $6,000 per each casket to be transported to India and Iran. And now, Harper’s Conservatives using our tax money for their own private purposes to attack Justin Trudeau through mass post office mail outs. http://www.globalresearch.ca/psychotronic-and-electromagnetic-weapons-remote-control-of-the-human-nervous-system/5319111 http://targetedindividualscanada.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/ban-of-radiofrequency-weapons/ http://www.tampabay.com/news/scientology/former-clearwater-scientology-leader-debbie-cook-settles-lawsuit-with/1226702 http://truth11.com/2013/01/22/psychotronic-and-electromagnetic-weapons-remote-control-of-the-human-nervous-system/ http://mindjustice.org/2003_survey.htm Please help us before our tragedy becomes your tragedy. (I am unable to receive email, the enemy is blocking it).

COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
Date: August 29, 2012


I have had my Shoulder Replacement surgery cancelled 3 times since June 2012 extending my 2 year wait even longer.  Currently (it is my understanding) my surgeon is not able to perform any surgery as he is on a 6 week or longer leave) and is in Vancouver dealing with litigation from IHA Regarding his advocacy for his wait listed patients. I realize it is not his fault he is limited to doing elective surgery, nor is it mine. We are both caught in the middle, however as a young Doctor with a young family being unable to practice his craft and unable to generate an income to provide for his family he has options of practicing in private clinics or moving out of the valley. I have none.

okanaganlakebc.ca says: So sorry to hear of your plight.  Personally I have a 4 1/2 month wait to see (from what I read on RateMD for Dr Anderson) the only dermatologist in Kelowna BC.  And it looks like Dr Anderson is very busy rushing through her appointments with patients.  Dr Wright in Lumby is a skin specialist who has a special interest in dermatology, but he is not a full fledged dermatologist.  Vernon walk in clinic doctor referred me to Dr Wright in Lumby and now Dr Wright has referred me to Dr Anderson in Kelowna for my skin condition.  I am not positive, but going from what I have read, maybe Dr Anderson is the only dermatologist that serves the North and Central Okanagan?

COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
Date: November 29, 2011


My husband was paralyzed by a back operation gone wrong. Even though he was told by the surgeon who paralyzed him, he could recover, given time, he was sent to GF Strong for one hour a day of therapy, no week-ends. Most of it consisted of learning how to live in a wheelchair and if you were not on board with that you were told you were angry and in denial. Although we knew he was not getting the right treatment or support we were told that was the way it was, suck it up, its due to funding. He was treated with disrespect, no empathy, and not one professional there, gave him any encouragement towards his recovery. To be told that the surgery would get rid of your back pain, then to wake up paralyzed from the waist down and not know why, to not get one visit from the surgeon, to not have a doctor advocate for you, to being told you cannot have a MRI even though it might help to diagnose why you are paralyzed, because it cost too much and its against the rules, to get sepsis because they shoved hard plastic cathaters in you that caused you to bleed and called it normal trauma, even through they had smaller rubber ones, but they cost more to use. To be denied a urine test, just to be on the safe side after bleeding, because they only do symptomatic testing, so you end up with sepsis. When discharged from GF Strong, even though you are making progress, and you know your community does not have the physio resources so your therapy stops. To have a doctor that has done nothing for you, has never touched or accessed you, knows nothing about your medical problems and only gives you prescriptions for pain control. To ask over and over again to please send you to a specialist that can tell us what kind of damage was done, so we can know what kind of recovery to expect. To ask over and over again to please advocate for us for physiotherapy which is being denied. I could go on and on. It has been a year since I woke up paralyzed, I have done everything in my power to recover on my own, not one Doctor or specialist has touched me or assessed me or told me anything. I still so not know what kind of damage was done to my spinal cord, I live in constant pain with spasms, I am still being denied physiotherapy, and now my doctor wants me to find another doctor because my appointments take up too much of his time, because all he does is argue with me the whole time. I have received nothing since this happened, no renovations to my home, no advocacy, and I now have to live on half the wage I was making before this happened. I am trying to get healthy so I can return to work, I cannot pay my bills, and apparently there are no specialists or Doctors that can help. And government funding is a joke, I have received nothing again. All I am asking for is what anyone else would want. To receive appropriate care to help in my recovery so I can go back to as normal as a life as possible. I want to work, I want to do everything to get better. I have written to our Premier and was told to file a complaint, I have spoken to our local MLA, nothing. I have written to date almost 100 e-mails, and nothing again. This is how you are treated in BC today with our Medical System. As long as the people in our medical system are getting their paychecks, the patients do not matter. Until it happens to them, they will never understand what a struggle it is to get proper care. Geoff Davies

okanaganlakebc.ca says:  Sorry to hear about your story ... the healthcare system seems to leave the most vulnerable desolate, alone and in pain... so sorry for that.  Hopefully the healthcare system will read this.  Thanks for your comment, hopefully it will help.

COMMUNITY: Other Community Not Listed
OTHERCOMMUNITY: Measure, Manage, "Scientific" Management?
Date: December 12, 2010


Clearly, the Liberal Party is moving towards more fee-for-service healthcare. How is this positive and negative? Positive: the number of people that die in Canadian hospitals every year is not tracked as a statistic by these facilities. Data on this total, and the number attributed to factors related to post-operative infections, is only available from private-sector organizations, not the public-sector hospitals themselves! Negative: long-term care of any relative in B.C., where I've had first-hand obstructions, is a disaster. Relatives that won't seek healthcare, despite on-going encouragement from family; people without family, that can't find third-party assistance. I've had to abandon dealing with relatives that crave "being their own boss" to the point that they're an unbearable burden ... on me. I'm paying the police and fire departments to fight crime and flames, but no one will deal with family trouble without blaming both sides. Todd Busch, Calgary, Alberta

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