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What do you think of Canada Post not telling you over the phone who YOUR MAIL came from, that you have to sign for in order to receive it.

We live 1 hour from Kelowna and never shop in Kelowna.

We can't have mail delivered to Armstrong where we frequent without Canada Post charging extra for it.

Canada Post said they tried to deliver the mail, but we call a bluff on that one because we are always home.

Anyone could go to London Drugs Postal Outlet and submit the card that was left in the mailbox to find out who the mail came from, so why does Canada Post not tell a person who their mail came from?

If Canada Post is so concerned, why can't Canada Post have signature cards at Canada Post Outlet for people who live in rural areas. Canada Post could compare the signature card with a card left in the mailbox that the recipient could sign and leave in the mailbox for pickup by the mail carrier?

Canada Post said they tried to deliver the mail, but we are home all the time and nobody came to deliver the mail.

Who's mail is it, Canada Posts mail to withhold mail information from customers?


Blue Divider Line

Found this on the bulletin board at Valley of the Sun, Kelowna BC on Jan 17, 2014

Canada Post Outlet at the end of Westside Road instead of going all the way to Westbank.

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Canada Post sues crowdsourced postal-code database, claims copyright in Canadian postal-codes
By Cory Doctorow - Apr 13, 2012

Michael Geist sez,

Canada Post has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Geolytica, which operates, a website that provides several geocoding services including free access to a crowdsourced compiled database of Canadian postal codes. Canada Post argues that it is the exclusive copyright holder of all Canadian postal codes and claims that GeoCoder appropriated the database and made unauthorized reproductions.

GeoCoder, which is being represented by CIPPIC, filed its statement of defence yesterday. The defence explains how GeoCoder managed to compile a postal code database by using crowdsource techniques without any reliance on Canada Post's database. The site created street address look-up service in 2004 with users often including a postal code within their query. The site retained the postal code information and gradually developed its own database with the postal codes (a system not unlike many marketers that similarly develop databases by compiling this information). The company notes that it has provided access to the information for free for the last eight years and that it is used by many NGOs for advocacy purposes.

While GeoCoder makes for a fascinating case study on generating crowdsourced information, the legal issues raised by the case should attract widespread attention. Key issues include whether there is any copyright in postal codes, questions on whether Canada Post owns copyright in the database if there is copyright, and a denial that the crowdsourced version of the database - independently created by GeoCoder - infringes the copyright of the Canada Post database.

Blue Divider Line's complaints about Canada Post

I just had Canada Post return an envelope from the court house with a court date on it, because it was missing a postal code.  I didn't miss my court date because the court house called me before they sent the letter to confirm that I could attend on that date.

After the court date, the court house called and left a message for me saying that the letter they sent me was returned to them undeliverable, and that I need to give the court house my new address. I called Canada Post and left a message saying there are two Roads with the same name in Kelowna and that they may have tried to deliver to the wrong Road and that is why the address was considered undeliverable that they couldn't find the address. I received a reply message back that because the court house didn't have a trace on the letter, that Canada Post couldn't trace it.

I called Canada Post again and at the time didn't know that the envelope was missing a postal code and they took my complaint and gave me a # for reference if I call back.

I tried to call back after I found out the postal code was missing, but the line went dead after I pressed the number the message told me to press to contact the right dept, so I didn't bother calling back again. Canada Post can figure it out. 

Its too bad that Canada Post couldn't look up the postal code for the court house, especially since it was a court document.


I shipped a light medium size box to Rockaway NJ from Armstrong BC Canada Post postal office. It costs just over $50.00 to ship.


I needed saran wrap and because I live 45 minutes from town one way, my Mom was going to mail me some. It was going to cost $8.00 or something she said, so I went without saran wrap for a month and kept washing the saran wrap I did have.


Thank you Canada Post :(

Blue Divider Line

On 03/11/2011 3:19 PM, complainant wrote:

This message was sent from:
Name of sender: complainant
Email of sender: nameremoved "at"
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------




To: "denis.lebel "at"" <denis.lebel "at">; "Questions "at"" <Questions "at">; "mintc "at"" <mintc "at">; "ombuds "at"" <ombuds "at">; "deepak.chopra "at"" <deepak.chopra "at">
Cc: "newsroom "at"" <newsroom "at">; "news919 "at"" <news919 "at">; "mark.campbell "at"" <mark.campbell "at">; "jsheppard "at"" <jsheppard "at">; "registrar "at"" <registrar "at">; "info "at"" <info "at">; "pm "at"" <pm "at">
Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2011 5:04 PM
Subject: Demonstrated Lack of Customer Service from your Area-Manager tom.lyttle "at"

Ombudsman of Canada Post
Honourable Denis Lebel, MP, PC. Minister responsible for Canada Post Corporation. House of Commons. Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A6
Appointed Minister responsible for Canada Post Corporation and also responsible for Transport, Infrastructure
Mr. Deepak Chopra. President and CEO. Canada Post Corporation. Email: deepak.chopra "at"

(Delivered via email to ombuds "at", deepak.chopra "at", denis.lebel "at", Questions "at" , mintc "at" )

Dear Ombudsman and Honourable Denis Lebel and Mr. Chopra,

Please refer to the self-explanatory email that was sent to me from your Canada Post manager. Evidently, he has chosen to ignore a relevant customer concern. To date, in the past almost one calendar year, he has not even responded to my complaint, nor has he done anything about it.
• If this is the demonstrated attitude and level of responsibility demonstrated by your designated area managers to the ordinary taxpayers and Canadian public, what do you expect is the direction that they will provide to staff that they lead?

Please provide me a satisfactory written response within 7 calendar days.



NOTE: This message [and all references, attachments] is intended only for the named recipient(s) above. It contains information that is privileged and confidential, and may be exempt from disclosure under law. Be aware that any other disclosure, Copying, distribution of this message is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error or are not the named recipient(s), please immediately notify the sender by reply message and delete/ destroy all copies of this message. Information contained herein is to the best of sender's current knowledge and present ability in the available format.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "LYTTLE, Tom" <tom.lyttle "at">
To: "'complainant "at" service provider'" complainant "at" service provider Sent: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 7:28 AM

Complainant has resurfaced. I will investigate but, will I respond?



From: complainant <complainant "at" service provider> To: LYTTLE, Tom Sent: Nov 2010

To Mr. Tom Lyttle, Retail Business Manager. Canada Post  [Delivered via email to Tom.Lyttle "at" ]

Dear Sir,

1) On 18Oct10, I renewed my PO Box 9999 at the Canada Post outlet located in the Cloverdale Mall in the PharmaPlus, Toronto, ONT.
2) From your website at
http://www/ I am given to understand that: "When Customers have rented a Postal Box, WRITTEN RENEWAL REMINDERS ARE TYPICALLY PROVIDED PRIOR TO THE END OF THE RENTAL PERIOD".
3) In speaking with Canada Post at (800)267-1177 AS WELL AS in speaking with the store manager Ms. Cheryl, I am given to understand that the first [of 3] written-notices are placed in the renter's postal-box commencing AT LEAST one calendar month PRIOR to the expiration-date of the current-rental-period.
- Ms. Cheryl told me on 18Oct10, that this should have been done by the postal-supervisor Mr. Rich.
4) NO such written-notices were provided to me AT ALL.
5) It was ONLY BY-CHANCE that I happened to inquire about the expiration-of-my-current-rental-period from the postal-clerk Ms. Elizabeth on 18Oct10.
6) Furthermore, I am also given to understand from USUAL AND REASONABLE AND LOGICAL business-practice AND PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL JUSTICE AND BASIC CONSUMER-LAW,

- AS WELL AS In speaking with Canada Post at (800)267-1177 AND in speaking with the store manager Ms. Cheryl, that a customer should NOT have to PAY TWICE for ANY RENTAL PERIOD.
7) Yet, on 18Oct10, the postal-clerk Ms. Elizabeth CONTINUED TO INSIST that I have to ONCE-AGAIN pay for the period from 18Oct10 THROUGH 31Oct10, [EVEN THOUGH I PAID for it EARLIER] SIMPLY BECAUSE I was RENEWING ON 18Oct10 [for the next 6 months].
8) It was ONLY when I asked for the store-manager, that the store-manager Ms. Cheryl told Ms. Elizabeth that this was BOTH UNRESONABLE AND ILLOGICAL TO ASK A CUSTOMER TO HAVE TO PAY TWICE FOR BEING CONSCIENTIOUS [by renewing AHEAD of the expiration-date].
• It was ONLY THEN that Ms. Elizabeth stopped insisting that I do not have to pay-twice for the period of 18Oct10 through 31Oct10.
9) Furthermore, it is UNREASONABLE for the postal-clerk Ms. Elizabeth to DEMAND that I HAVE TO PRESENT MYSELF ON 31OCT10 EXACTLY to do the renewal.
• It is ALSO CONTRARY TO the logo posted on Canada Post publicly-available brochures [numbered 802976, January 2007 edition] that "convenience is key".
10) REASONABLY AND LOGICALLY, ANY sub-agents of Canada Post must abide by Canada Post's PUBLICLY posted policy AND PUBLICLY stated position.
11) It is ALSO CONTRARY TO what is posted on Canada Post website at http://www/ "CONVENIENCE Postal Box" .. "payment for CONVENIENCE postal boxes must be PAID IN ADVANCE for the selected rental period".
12) Moving forward, I ask:
a) That the postal-supervisor Mr. Rich be instructed to provide the "WRITTEN RENEWAL REMINDERS PRIOR TO THE END OF THE RENTAL PERIOD" IN A TIMELY MANNER;
13) Please provide me a satisfactory WRITTEN response within 7 calendar days.
• I am NOT available for any verbal contact via phone on this matter. Furthermore, I am legally entitled to a written response to my written complaint.


Blue Divider Line

We received a delivery notice from London Drugs postal outlet.  We live 45 minutes one way from town so we called to ask who the delivery was from.  London Drugs tell us that Canada Post does not permitted them to say who the delivery is from.  We call Canada Post Ombudsman and sit on the phone for half hour until someone answers.  The ombudsman said they can only ask if Canada Post can deliver to the house to get a signature and that someone from Canada Post will reply by telephone.

 Blue Divider Line

Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982


Powers of the Parliament

Legislative Authority of Parliament of Canada

91. It shall be lawful for the Queen, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate and House of Commons, to make Laws for the Peace, Order, and good Government of Canada, in relation to all Matters not coming within the Classes of Subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the Legislatures of the Provinces; and for greater Certainty, but not so as to restrict the Generality of the foregoing Terms of this Section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this Act) the exclusive Legislative Authority of the Parliament of Canada extends to all Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say, —

5. Postal Service.

Blue Divider Line

This story is of North Westside Road BC Residents vs. the Majestic Canada Post Conglomerate!

At one time La Casa Resort was a Canada Post parcel depot for the North Westside Road BC area within the Kelowna BC Postal Code.  La Casa has since rescinded their postal services and they are not open in the winter anyway.  Since La Casa rescinded postal services a year or so ago Westside Road BC customers of Canada Post are required to travel all the way to West Kelowna BC to pick up their parcel at the London Drugs Postal Outlet located at 2151 Louie Drive, Westbank, B.C., V4T-3E6 phone 250-768-8504.  Canada Posts delivery notice card still says Westbank on Feb 8, 2010.

Some North Westside Road BC area residents use Vernon BC to shop rather than Kelowna BC, but Canada Post won't change parcel depots and refuse to make it more convenient for North Westside Road BC customers by allowing them to use the Vernon postal outlet unless they pay extra for it.  You only have 15 days to pick up your parcel, Canada Post delivery notice says.

Another thing that Canada Post refuses to do for North Westside Road BC customers, which some live 45 minutes from either Vernon BC or Kelowna BC, is to place a newer group mailbox like the kind that holds a parcel instead of the old green group mailboxes that don't hold parcels.  Its not like North Westside Road BC didn't complain to Canada Post Ombudsman about this.  Canada Post claims they have to install 147 mailboxes all at once for Valley of the Sun and that they can't just install 40 boxes for the properties that are currently developed.  Valley of the Sun may not be developed for many years to come, as it has been in existence for 40 years already and still only 40 homes have been built out of 147 lots.  How long does Canada Post expect us to wait?

The middle of Westside Road BC still has the same old green group mailboxes exactly as shown in this photo.  These are Westside Road BC actual current mailboxes located at Valley of the Sun Feb 2010.  The red Canada Post mailbox for large letters keeps getting broken into as you can see the door laying wide open in this photo.  The green group rural mailboxes also get broken into regularly and one time the whole green group mailbox was stolen as these type boxes are not anchored to the ground.'s mail was found at the other subdivision a few km's down the road stuck between some blocks at Attenbourough Road.  We found the entire door open to all the compartments more than a few times.  Its always swinging open.  The neighbor who found the mail stuck between his cement blocks was nice enough to phone and let know we could pick up our mail from their.

This red Canada Post mailbox was broken into on Westside Road, Kelowna, BC

This red Canada Post mailbox just appeared in 2009 maybe because complained that Valley of the Sun on Westside Road BC had to drive all the way to Vernon BC or Kelowna BC to deliver an oversize envelope.  Still this red Canada Post mailbox does not accept parcels, nor does it deliver parcels and North Westside Road BC still to this day and age of Feb 2010 have to drive 45 minutes one way into West Kelowna to deliver and pick up their parcels.  Even though we complained about the green group boxes, Canada Post would only place the red mailbox and not give everyone the newer style mailboxes that accept parcels.

Canada Post is an idiot if they think installing all the newer style group mailboxes (that accept a parcel) closer to town first was a good idea before installing them farthest from town in the rural areas first!

Canada Post doesn't care about its rural customers at all in's opinion.

One more thing is, received a flyer in the mailbox describing that the postal address for North Westside Road BC whom belong to the Central Okanagan Regional District and not West Kelowna, will soon have a West Kelowna postal address rather than the same old just Kelowna BC address without the West in front of it.  Why did West Kelowna bother changing the name from Westbank (which suits the area better) to West Kelowna, is beyond our comprehension?

Blue Divider Line

This was Canada Post delivery notice (front side) sent out in Feb 2010.

Canada Post Delivery Notice (front side) Feb 2010

This was Canada Posts delivery notice (back side) sent out in Feb 2010.

Canada Post Delivery Notice - back side


If you don't pick up your rural mail but once per week, you really only have a few days to pick up your parcel.


Canada Post Identification Requirements Feb 2010
This was Canada Post's Identification requirements that was printed on the delivery notice above in Feb 2010.

Blue Divider Line

Here is what was posted on Canada Posts website Feb 11, 2010

Pick up at the Post Office

When picking up an item at a Post Office, residents will be required to show their Delivery Notice Card and personal identification. Please note:

  • We hold items at the Post Office for 15 days.

  • If an item is not picked up within the first 5 days, we send a Final Delivery Notice to the addressee, indicating that 10 days remain to pick up the item.

  • After 15 days, we return the item to sender.

Read the details about personal identification requirements (.pdf)

Blue Divider Line

Delivery to a Community Mailbox

  • More than 3 million residential addresses receive their mail and parcel deliveries at community mailboxes, which are conveniently located near their residence.

  • Each residential address has a key to its own compartment.

  • If an item is too large to fit in the compartment, we place the item in a parcel delivery compartment and leave the resident a key to open the compartment.

  • If the item is too large for the parcel delivery compartment or we need a signature or to collect funds, we leave a Delivery Notice Card indicating the pickup location at the nearest Canada Post retail outlet.

Blue Divider Line

Isn't Canada Post being discriminatory in that rural customers do not get the same service?

Flexible delivery options

Exercise even more control over the residential delivery of your packages by selecting one of the following flexible delivery options:

Leave at door (do not card)—for small, low value items

  • If the resident is not at home, we will leave the item in a safe location such as between doors, at a side door or with a neighbour

We will leave a safe drop card in the mailbox indicating where the parcel is


Delivery to Rural Routes

  • We deliver the item to the door if it's within 0.5 km from the rural route line of travel.

  • We leave a Delivery Notice Card telling the resident where to pick up the package if:

◦ The door is farther than 0.5 km.

◦ No one is home.

◦ Collection of funds is more than $500 in cash.


We finally found some new mailboxes installed on Oct 15, 2010
Canada Post mailboxes finally installed after many complaints

Another complaint we have is how long the older green mailboxes were allowed to collect mail after the new mailboxes were installed.  It was only a week and people still had locks on the green mailboxes when Canada Post took the green mailboxes.

Surely one week is not enough time to collect your mail if you are out of town at the time.


Blue Divider Line

Here is some more, but about Canada Posts rates.

Blue Divider Line

Never doubt the ability of a small group of concerned citizens to change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.

Blue Divider Line

If you have kudos, ideas, solutions, concerns or complaints regarding Canada Post, you can make a complaint to Canada Posts own Ombudsman.

Blue Divider Line

Comment about Canada Post, to be posted on this website here.

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View kudos and complaints here.

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