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Join the Okanagan Health Coalition

This is not the official website of the Okanagan Health Coalition

but this webpage is a call to help find new members for the Okanagan Health Coalition

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Last Update February 11, 2015

be strong -stand up for what you believe in

Join the Okanagan Health Coalition

In spite of the fact that Canadians and British Columbians have repeatedly named our Public Health Care system as one of our most valued assets, both levels of Government have been quietly making changes to health care delivery in the name of “innovation” and “cost saving measures”, stating that we can no longer afford to fully fund Health Care services; yet they repeatedly offer up tax cuts that reduce their revenue. My brothers used to use the same approach when they offered to trade me a big shiny nickel for my little silver dime. In both cases it is hoped that I don’t notice that I am much farther out of pocket; as I am with the user fee system if I had paid the tax with all my other friends and Neighbours.
The following changes are not being done with public consultation and much like the implementation of the HST, ignore the public’s wishes. Health Authorities throughout the Province are being given broad based directives in the form of policy changes that in some cases may be in violation of the Canada Health Act. Health Authorities are obligated to implement these changes to make up for shortages to their health care funding. As a result Canadians are paying out of pocket for services previously provided by our publicly funded Health Care System. Recently we have seen the following changes:

  • Changes in eligibility for Home Support:
    A few years ago, as a Community Nurse I and my colleagues were forced to break the news that Patients were no longer eligible for Home Support services, and if they were still eligible I must ask them to utilize family, neighbours and their Church for assistance first, and recommend private agencies that are not funded before telling them they are eligible for Community Care funded services ( pro- rated according to income) . At the same time Home support hours and services were cut.
  • Changes in eligibility for Residential Care admissions-and closures of Government funded Long Term Care Facilities At the same time as cuts to home support, it became much harder to qualify for admission to the few partially funded residential care beds. This strategic plan was implemented to sheep- herd the elderly and ill directly to the privatized for profit Health Care Providers invited into the province for business opportunities. We now have a very robust industry of private Home support agencies and Assisted Living Facilities that run a tab for every service you need;, including an assist to the dining room.
  • Increases in Residential Care Fees- July 2010- in the name of reducing daily fees for the very lowest income residents (about 25%) the remaining residents of Residential care will see a fee increase from $1400 per month to $1600 per month. For singles, this leaves very little personal income left for quality of life comfort items like shampoo, dentures, foot care, ( assists to the dining room) and pharmaceuticals. Those with spouses still living at home have been deprived of the joint pension dollars necessary to their own survival. In some cases Senior’s are being forced into Marriage separations to protect their share of the joint income from being seized.
  • Convalescent Care Fees- Patients who require prolonged convalescent care following injury or a serious illness like a stroke, are being billed $29.40 per day for convalescent care that is covered under the Canada Health Act. This is being done against your knowledge. If your recovery is taking “too long” you will be moved out of an acute care bed and into a special “residential care bed” and the convalescent fee charged. If my recovery takes 7 weeks – an average recovery time for a serious illness, I will be paying $ 1440 .00 to complete my recovery. In additon I must still keep my home going;, on my same income. How can this be allowed? Because the Health Minister is hiding the user fee from the Canada Health Act by moving you to a residential care bed outside an acute care setting!
  • Ignoring standards of the Canada Health Act : Our Provincial Governments are charged with the responsibility to Police the Canada Health Act, and in fact a special department exists for this purpose. Yet in BC we have private clinics that we like to call Club Med’s, charging patients user fees, where those who can afford to pay can jump surgical wait lists. Our Health Minister does nothing, and in fact endorses the concept of user fees being implemented elsewhere in health care.

It’s time that the public join forces to identify and take action against these initiatives. The Okanagan is one of the few areas of the province that does not have an organized health advocacy network. One person can make a difference; however a group of individuals can reach out to a broader network of activists when action is called for. In other areas of the province local Health Coalitions are already in place. Self – identified groups are there to receive information from the public who have had dangerous or arbitrary experiences. In addition those working in Health Care delivery who cannot be named or risk discipline when speaking out, have a place to speak out about areas of concern and erosions to health care delivery. Please step forward and join me in creating our own watch dog agency for the Okanagan Health Service area:

Please contact the Okanagan Health Coalition at the following email address:

The Okanagan Health Coalition IS NOT THE BC Health Coalition

In addition please support the important advocacy work of the BC Health Coalition by becoming a member: This is an excellent website that will allow you to keep in touch with what is going on throughout the province.

Sincerely Joyce Procure, retired Community Nurse

be strong -stand up for what you believe in

Join the Okanagan Health Coalition

We are not the BC Health Coalition. Our coalition will represent the whole valley unless we get interest in forming smaller geographical committees.

Tues May 17, 2011

A public forum for those who care about seniors


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