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Biggest and Best Road Name Map of Westside Road .pdf icon
you will need to click the magnifying glass "plus" sign to magnify the page once you get there

Aspen Shores

Bear Creek

Ewings Landing

Estamont Beach

Fintry Delta

Head of the Lake

Jenny Creek

Killiney Beach & Killiney Beach Hall & Killiney Beach Fire Dept.

La Casa

Marchbank Road


Parker Cove Map

Pine Point

Shalal Road

Traders Cove

Traders Cove Park

Valley of the Sun

Wainman Cove

Westshore Estates

Wilson's Landing

Central Okanagan West Electoral Area "J"
Westside Road, Brent Road Peachland and Trepanier Area

Distances between subdivisions

Number of Lots per subdivision

North Westside Road Address Number Map

North Westside Road Fire Protection Area

RDCO's Map of ALL Fire Protection Boundaries

RDCO Fire Risk Map

BC Forest Information Map
Cannot zoom in very far for a close up view

North Westside Road D. Lot Map - Map 1.pdf
Westshores to Traders Cove

North Westside Road Official Community Plan Map - Map 2.pdf
shows the North Westside Road OCP area

Nahun to Hwy D. Lot Map - map 3.pdf

North Westside Road BC Agriculture Land Reserve Areas Map - map 4.pdf
Westshore Estates to Traders Cove

North Westside Road BC Mineral Tenure Activities - map 5.pdf
Westshore Estates to Traders Cove

RDCO Map - parks, trails, streams, roads, railway, bridges, transmission lines, pipelines, private land, etc.

Map of DL 2922, Plan 20608- Valley of the Sun Lots

Map of DL 2923, Plan 35052 - Development in front of Valley of the Sun along Westside Road

This map below shows District Lot numbers of Fintry area
(click map to make larger)

RDCO Geographical Information Systems

RDCO map of Parks and Marine - Kelowna, Regional, Provincial
rural residential, urban residential, commercial, recreational, plant habitat value, fish bearing streams, lakeshore disturbance level, kokanee habitat, drinking water, irrigation, points of interest

Water licences by type, drinking, irrigation, and other plus Kokanee habitat (page 14 .pdf) Note* very large file

RDCO Water line and Sewer line maps (click on layers when you get there)

RDCO Parks GIS Map (choose layers)

North Westside Road Water Study Map (Fintry)

List of BC Government Maps
But you need Google Earth or surf to the online ArcGisExplorer where you don't have to download anything.

BC Water Resource Atlas  (this is a good site)

Map with water bodies, streams, creeks, rivers

ICIS is a partnership of local governments, utility companies and provincial agencies. We are in the process of building a provincial standard and land information database that consists of integrated parcel fabric and related parcel links, i.e., BC Assessment, Crown and private interest & engineering infrastructure, land use.  RDCO is a member of ICIS

Integrated Land and Resource Registry (ILRR)
The ILRR provides a single source of reliable information on 250 different legal interests on Crown land (tenures, regulated uses, land and resource use restrictions, and reservations) that is visually represented on a map and is available to the public using a standard web browser. The ILRR also contains information on Crown land parcels, private land parcels (where available), administrative boundaries (e.g. forest districts, electoral boundaries), and base map information (topography, grids, etc).
This is a big story being led to go to the Government Agent office through the ILRR website, to sign up as a business user instead of signing up as a basic user. As basic user you are able to sign up and see the map right away without visiting the government agent office.  To sign up as business user you need to visit the government agents office.  We were led to believe you will see more stuff as a business user on ILRR website map ... what more stuff?  After signing up and then visiting the government agents office and being a woman, we won a golf shirt by expedited mail.... what a waste of money.  We don't wear golf shirts, and when we tried to see more ILRR map info, we didn't find any more info being a basic user or business user. You have more options in saving and filtering things you find on the map as a business user, but we believe you will not find any more information being a business user that we know of.  And why don't you need to own a business to be a business user?  Government scam getting people to visit and sign up at the government agent office for nothing, and then wasting taxpayers dollars giving away golf shirts by expedited mail!

Sensitive Ecosystems of the Regional District of Central Okanagan

Sensitive Ecosystems Inventories - Central Okanagan SEI

Report: Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping of the Central Okanagan with a Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI)

Mapped Known Locations of Species and Ecological Communities at Risk

CLIR (Cross-Linked Information Resources) is an umbrella search application that allows users to search multiple sources of environmental and natural resource information simultaneously through a single search window.

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Aggregate Supply and Demand Update and Analysis 2013

Full Report (20MB, 231 pgs)
Executive Summary
Map Figure 1 - Study Area
Map Figure 2 - Natural Sand and Gravel
Map Figure 3 - Overburden Classification within Study Area
Map Figure 4 - Bedrock Geology Map
Map Figure 5 - Aggregate Potential Bedrock Polygons
Map Figure 6 - Aggregate Potential Bedrock with Overburden
Map Figure 7 - Land Use Based on 2012 Regional Growth Strategy
Map Figure 8 - Natural Sand and Gravel Potential with Constraints
Map Figure 9 - Ground Water
Map Figure 10 - Natural Environmental and Hazardous Conditions Development Permit Areas
Map Figure 11 - Rare Species Occurances
Map Figure 12 - Agricultural Land Reserve within RDCO

(found on RDCO's website Dec 30, 2013)

Okanagan Aggregate Potential Map

Central Okanagan Aggregate Supply and Demand Study 2000 (175 pages, 4.5 MB)

Ministry's Aggregate Operations Health and Safety Guidebook (.html)

Projected Growth Areas and Aggregate Potential Map

RDCO failed to publish Map 5 on its webpage regarding Okanagan Aggregate Task Force which is the map on this webpage above that shows 8 private gravel pits between La Casa and Westshore Estates along North Westside Road.

Source RDCO Regional Sustainability and Strategies

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Central Okanagan Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory

Volume 1- Methodology, Ecological Descriptions, Results and Conversion Manual (238 pages, 3.8 MB)
Volume 2 - Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping, Surface Erosion and Slope Stability and Expanded Legend (171 pages, 2 MB)
Volume 3 - Wildlife Habitat Mapping
Map 82E 073
Map 82E 074
Map 82E 082
Map 82E 083
Map 82E 084
Map 82E 093
Map 82E 094
Map 82L 003
Map 82L 013

Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory Workshop - Introduction pdf (2.2 MB, 22 pages)
Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory Workshop - Morning Presentation pdf (2.8 MB, 60 pages)
Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory Workshop - Afternoon Presentation pdf (1.9 MB, 24 pages)
Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory Workshop - Wildlife Habitat Presentation pdf

For more information please visit the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventories in BC website.

(found on RDCO's website Dec 30, 2013)

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RDCO Agricultural Plan

The Community Services Planning Section has completed the development of an Agricultural Plan involving the public, advisory committees and staff.

.pdf icon Final Agricultural Plan (55 pages) June 2005

.pdf icon Final Agricultural Plan Maps (17 pages, 6.6 MB) June 2005

.pdf icon Final Background Report (July 2005, 79 pages, 7.9 MB)

(found on RDCO's website Dec 30, 2013)

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Note: This refers generally to the area from Trader's Cove north along Westside Road up to and including Westshore Estates and includes the Crystal Resort area.

.pdf icon Consolidated Schedule A and Appendices (211 pages, 11 MB Updated December 2011)

.pdf icon A1 - A6 (49 pages, 2.4 MB)
.pdf icon A9 and B8 Crystal Resort (45 pages, 6.8 MB)

.pdf icon Plan Boundaries Map (1.6 MB)
.pdf icon Agricultural Land Reserve Areas Map (1.4 MB)
.pdf icon Mineral and Tenure Activities Map (1 MB)
.pdf icon Institutional and Utilities Services Map (3 MB)
.pdf icon Aquatic Ecosystem Development Permits Area Maps (2.7 MB)
.pdf icon Sensitive Terrestrial Ecosystem Development Permit Area Maps (2.1 MB)
.pdf icon Hillside Development Permit Area Maps (6 MB)
.pdf icon Wildfire Interface Development Permit Area Maps (1 MB)
.pdf icon Park and Recreation Areas Maps (2.7 MB)
.pdf icon Future Land Use Maps (2 MB - updated November 2011)

(found on RDCO's website Dec 30, 2013)

North Westside Official Community Plan Map - planning/nwocp/map 3b.pdf (link no longer works)
shows streams

Traders Cove, Wilson's Landing, and Ceasar's Landing D. Lot Map - planning/NWOCP/Map 6.pdf (link no longer works)

Park & Recreation Areas Map (2.6 MB) - planning/NWOCP/Map 7.pdf (link no longer works)

Future Land Use Map (3.2 MB) - planning/NWOCP/Map 8.pdf (link no longer works)


RDCO's North Westside Road map of streams Map 3b.pdf (best stream map) (link no longer works)

RDCO Map of Water Streams, Creeks, etc. Map 6.pdf (planning) (link no longer works)

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Geographic Data Discovery Service

B.C. Government Corporate Metadata System for Geographic Data

This service enables you to discover geographic data available from the Province of B.C.

Descriptive information (metadata), such as the name, location, access and format is available for a wide variety of the province's geographically referenced data.

Data sources include the GeoBC Geographic Warehouse (LRDW), the Integrated Land Resource Registry (ILRR) and various operational datasets. Examples of these data include: electoral boundaries, roads, forest inventories, wildlife habitat areas, orthophotography and satellite imagery, legal interests, rights designations, and administrative boundaries.

Mineral Titles Online BC

Ministry of Transportation - Okanagan-Shuswap Boundary Map

Central Okanagan West Map on website of COW Director Jim Edgson

RDCO 2007 Elections Map

Advisory Planning Commission Boundaries Map 2008

Integrated Land Management Bureau Maps
(huge selection of all kinds of maps)

Ministry of Community Services Maps and Statistics
(Includes Regional District Maps)

Health Area Maps

Transportation Survey Maps


North Westside Official Community Plan (Bylaw#785)
Note: This refers generally to the area from Trader's Cove north along Westside Road up to and including Westshore Estates.

Plan Boundaries Map (2 MB)
Regional Context Map
Environmentally Sensitive Areas & Watercourse Protection Map 3A
Environmentally Sensitive Areas & Watercourse Protection Map 3B
Agricultural Land Reserve Areas Map (2.3 MB)
Mineral Tenure Activities Map (2.1 MB)
Institutional & Utility Services Map (2.3 MB)
Park & Recreation Areas Map (2.6 MB)
Future Land Use Map (3.2 MB)

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Download ArcGIS Explorer 480 and install it, to view downloadable  GIS files on RDCO's website

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Website details local conservation efforts to public
Vernon Morning Star - January 07, 2010

The information highway has a new stop for anyone wanting to get information on conservation efforts in the North Okanagan.

The Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program has launched a new website at

“On the site you will find background information on who we are, links to resource materials and articles on conservation and environmental planning issues, a list of program partners and a link to the Okanagan ecosystem atlas which is nearing completion,” said Patrick Allen, with the group.

“As partners add information to this site on an ongoing basis, it is hoped the public will continue to check for updates and find the site useful and informative on local and regional conservation planning issues.

The ecosystem atlas provides a one-stop site for planners, developers, conservation organizations and the public that requires no special software or expertise to access.

It will provide numerous data layers such as environmentally sensitive area maps, wildlife habitat maps, base maps, zoning, approximate cadastral boundaries, and links to regulatory information, best management practices and official community plans.

“This allows anyone to identify the location of sensitive ecosystems and planning information relative to polygon boundaries,” said Allen.

“Information explaining the source of the data and its use is also provided.”

The Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program is a group of partner organizations that work on common environmental conservation goals.

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Subdivision, Road, Address, Lot # Maps

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from Home and Web - definition of RU2 in Regional District of Central Okanagan

from Home and Web - definition of RU6 in Regional District of Central Okanagan

from Home and Web - definition of Intensive Agricultural in Regional District of Central Okanagan

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Click map to read larger map
Map of North Westside Road Fire Protection Area
click for larger map

RDCO's Fire Protection area map of the North Westside

Another RDCO Fire Protection Boundary Map

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2010 Future Land Use Map

Ceasar's Landing to Bear Creek

Future Land use map between Bear Creek Park and Ceasars Landing
click for larger future land use map

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Westshore Estates Map
another Westshore Estates address map
This map includes Beau Park Road, Boleau Lake Road, Antler, Whiteman Creek, Lawrence Farms, Parker Cove.

Westshore Estates subdivision includes
Alder Road, Bluebird Road or Bluebird Drive, Cedar Drive, Columbia Way, Crown Cresent, Dogwood Drive, Evergreen Way, Hemlock Drive, Hillcrest Way, Hillside Drive, Lakewood Drive, Larch Road, Maple Drive, Morningside Drive, Mountain Drive, Northern View Drive or Northern View Road, Pinecrest Road, Spruce Drive, Valley Drive, Valley Road Westshore Road.

Road signs posted at Westshore Estates say Alder Drive, Lakewood Road, Valley Road and Northern View Drive.

Valley Road it says on the sign at Westshore Estates
This sign says Valley Road at Westshore Estates but we noticed that people's address signs in their yards said Valley Drive???  MapQuest says Valley Drive.  Which is it??

There is another Valley Road in Kelowna off Glenmore Road

Bluebird at Westshore Estates

Lawrence Beach Farms include

Marchbank Road in the map below is on its own.

Wainman Cove is on its own

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Map of Killiney Beach, Aspen Shores, and Estamont Beach subdivisions
another Killiney Beach map coming
Killiney Beach map includes
Blarney Place, Brant Road, Fosgate, Galway Place, Hodges Road, Homer Crescent, Houghton Road, Keithley Road, Killarney Place, Killarney Way, Kildare Way, Kilkenny Place, Leah Road, Lester Drive, Moody Crescent, Udell Road, Winchester Road
Killiney Beach Regional Park is at the bottom of Hodges Road

Estamont Beach Map includes
Attenborough Road, Elliot Road, Kenyon Road, Nerie Road
another Estamont Beach map from MapQuest

Aspen Shores & Summer Sands map includes
Beachwood Road

There is a boat launch, picnic tables, dock, and outhouses at the Killiney Beach Regional Park located at the bottom of Hodges Road at Killiney Beach

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Ewings landing is located South of Estamont Beach and North of Valley of the Sun
Map of 8525 Ewings Landing Road
Map of 8525 Ewings Landing Road

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Fintry Delta, Valley of the Sun and Shalal Road Maps
Valley of the Sun address map
Valley of the Sun map includes
Firwood Road, Balsam Road, Alpine Road, Briarwood Road, Wood Road

Fintry Delta map includes
Shorts Road, Morden, Fintry Delta Road, etc.
Follow Fintry Delta Road to get to Fintry Provincial Park

Muir subdivision map includes
Dunwaters Drive, Fairbridge Street, Gray Street, Kelly Place, Muir Road

Shalal Road is north of Shorts Creek.

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Site Map of LaCasa

LaCasa Resort/Yacht Club is located south of Fintry Delta towards Kelowna

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Map of Parker Cove located on the OKIB reserve, Vernon, B.C.
click map to read larger print
Parker Cove is located on the OKIB reserve south of Beau Park Road and north of Lawrence Beach Farms
Argail Street, Bear Street, Cougar Street, Deer Street, Elk Street, Falcon Avenue, Grouse Avenue, Hummindbird Avenue, Jay Avenue, Kingfisher Avenue, Lakeshore Drive, Loon Avenue, Meadowlark Avenue, Nighthawk Avenue, Osprey Avenue

Parker Cove Map - (from MapQuest)

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Bear Creek Road, Bear Lake Main,

Blue Divider Line

Map of Traders Cove found along Westside Road BC
Edith Crescent, Heldon Court, Siemens Road, Traders Cove Road

Blue Divider Line

Pine Point Crescent

Blue Divider Line

Antoine Road, Head of the Lake Road, Willow Shores Crescent, Willow Shores Road

Blue Divider Line

Jenny Creek Estates

Blue Divider Line

Baird Road
Bancroft Road
Banff Road
Bolton Road
Browse Road

Deighton Road

Westside Place

Blue Divider Line

This is a map where La Casa (6808 Westside Road North) is located along Westside Road.  La Casa is located approx. 2 km's south (Kelowna side) of Fintry Provincial Park.  The meeting will be held in the upper castle looking building at La Casa.

Map of where La Casa is located along Westside Road BC... about 2 km's south of Fintry Provincial Park.
click for larger image

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.pdf icon March 21, 2011 Regional District of Central Okanagan Highlights of the Regular Board Meeting

Okanagan Indian Band Reserve Expansion

The Regional Board has received a presentation from two Councillors of the Okanagan Indian Band regarding a proposed expansion of its Reserve #1.

In 2009, the Regional Board citing a number of concerns opposed the band’s application to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to add 1,088-hectares to the band reserve. Four of the parcels totalling approximately 190-hectares are privately owned by the band and are located within the Central Okanagan West Electoral Area adjacent to Westshore Estates.

The Board has authorized Regional District Development Services staff to meet with the band staff regarding the reserve expansion request and to prepare an updated report for Board consideration.


.mp3 file icon - click here for help with audio March 21, 2011 audio of entire RDCO Board meeting .mp3 (165 MB)

Windows Media File Icon March 21, 2011 audio of RDCO Board meeting only about the OKIB Reserve Expansion - .wma (13.9 MB)

.pdf icon March 21, 2011 Regional District of Central Okanagan Regular Board Meeting Minutes


5.1 Okanagan Indian Band (ONIB) - Councillors Raymond Marchand and Tim Isaac re: Addition to Okanagan IR#1 - Laura Demers Okanagan Indian Band in its letter of February 4, 2011 requested a delegation to discuss the Regional District's opposition to the addition of the subject lands to I. R. No.1. The opposition to the addition was provided to Indian and
Northern Affairs Canada in 2009.

Councillor Marchand addressed the Board noting:
- ONIB wants better dialogue between the two governments
- Four Regional Board members supported the addition to reserve, and now requests a new resolution of support in light of information provided today.
- This is a result of a specific claim filed over two decades ago. Believe portions of land were illegally excluded.
- Land which is being added to reserve constitutes a relatively small acreage.

Land is being returned as a result of unlawfully excluded from reserve before the regional district existed.
- Integral part of claim Canada conceded was valid.
- Want to work out practical solutions from issues raised in Board resolution.
-No forestry road in the area.
-Zoning issues--will not be subject to ALR and zoning requirements.

Bylaws don't apply to reserve lands. Willing to sit down to address issues how lands will be developed.
- Willing to sit down to work out a protocol between the governments to help harmonize land use decisions.
- Want contiguous Band lands. Canada said that the lands are to be touching but they are not - Canada considers in this instance they are.
- The North Okanagan Regional District is not opposed to the addition to lands.

Very positive that dialogue has started.
Is it possible for the Band to hold an information meeting for residents in the area? Yes, this could be done.
Majority of the land is within the North Okanagan Regional District.
Residents have expressed concern in the past with regard to road access.
Information blocks have been done in the past regarding other issues.
ONIB has never blocked road access.

Staff reviewed the lots identified. Lots are privately owned by the band. One lot is in the ALR. ONIB bought the lands and now want to move them to reserve status.
How is the land contiguous? They aren't in this area but it is as a whole these are remnant pieces.

The error by Canada was made off Rattlesnake Point not these lands. In a land settlement with Canada monies were offered by Canada but the Band asked for lands to be moved to reserve status. The Band is now requesting other lands be added to reserve. The Band bought the lands and now want them transferred to reserve.

Need staff report to revisit the issue and report back on ie: historical information; confirm process currently in place; confirm road access issues; what future land use is being planned by the Band; and what public consultation process is planned by the Band.

Is there a timeline for response? June 12 is the deadline for ONIB so a response would be appreciated as soon as possible.

The delegation was thanked for their presentation. Chair Hobson noted the Regional District is willing to continue discussions with the Band that can lead to establish principles and benchmarks for a Protocol Agreement between the two governments, The Administrator will contact ONIB for discuss this further.

THAT the February 4, 2011 letter from the Okanagan Indian Band regarding Addition to Okanagan I.R #1 be received;

AND THAT the Regional Board reconsider its original resolution #153/09 in opposition to the addition of the subject lands to I,R No, 1;

AND FURTHER THAT staff be directed to provide a report on the issues raised on June 22, 2009 and further considering the items raised by the Board and the Okanagan Indian Band at the March 21, 2011 meeting.



.mp3 file icon - click here for help with audio March 21, 2011 audio of entire RDCO Board meeting .mp3 (165 MB)

Windows Media File Icon March 21, 2011 audio of RDCO Board meeting only about the OKIB Reserve Expansion - .wma (13.9 MB)

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August 20, 2007 Regional District of Central Okanagan Regional Board Agenda

PDF file icon Item 8.1 Killiney Beach Service Area Bylaw.pdf

click for larger maps

Killiney Beach Hall proposed local service area.
Killiney Beach BC (North Westside Communities Association) Hall proposed Service Area

Westshore Estates to La Casa along Westside Road, including Killiney Beach, Estamont Beach, Ewings Landing, Valley of the Sun, Fintry Delta, and Upper Fintry BC.


Killiney Beach Hall District Lot Map
Killiney Beach BC (North Westside Communities Association) Hall Lot Map


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These are distances written down from a vehicle speedometer starting at Parker Cove to La Casa Resort.

Creekside Gardens to Chief Saddleman Road = .2 km

Chief Saddleman Road to Kilowna Road= .1 km

Kilowna to Lawrence Farm Beach = .6 km

Lawrence Farm Beach to OKIB boundary = 1.0 km

OKIB boundary to Westshore Estates = .6 km

Westshore Estates to Sugar Loaf Transfer Station = 1.1 km

Sugar Loaf Transfer Station to Evely Forest Campsite = .1 km

Evely Forest Campsite to  Wainman Cove = .7 km

Wainman Cove to Marchbank Road = .4 km

Marchbank Road to Killiney Beach = 2.0 km

Killiney Beach to Estamont = 1.4 km

Estamont to Ewings Landing = 1.7 km

Ewings Landing to Valley of the Sun = 1.9 km

Valley of the Sun to Boundary Park = 1.3 km

Boundary Park to Shalal Road = .3 km

Shalal Road to Shorts Creek Firehall = .3 km

Shorts Creek Firehall to Fintry Park (turn off) = .4 km

Fintry Park to Muir Subdivision = .1 km

Muir Subdivision to La Casa = 1.8 km


TOTAL of 13.5 km’s from Westshore Estates to La Casa

TOTAL of 14.3 km's (from Parker Cove to Fintry Park turnoff)

TOTAL OF 4.2 km from Valley of the Sun to La Casa

TOTAL OF 8.1 km from Valley of the Sun to Sugar Loaf Transfer Station

TOTAL OF  1.6 km from Valley of the Sun to Shalal Road

TOTAL OF  2.4 km from Valley of the Sun to Upper Fintry

TOTAL of 10.4 km from Fintry to Sugar Loaf Transfer Station

TOTAL OF 9.2 km's from Killiney Beach to La Casa

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Number of lots per subdivision

We counted lots from RDCO's District Lot maps (this needs updating)

  Total Lots Lots w/homes Water Users
La Casa

RDCO email says:
Our Inspections Section provided me with this information. There have been a total of
236 dwellings and additions given building permits so far…dating back to February 2005 up to and including today (July 2nd 2008) regarding La Casa.

Upper Fintry 189   0
Lower Fintry 119    
Shalal Road 14 2 0
Valley of the Sun 146 41 0
Ewings Landing      
Estamont Beach     43
Killiney Beach 478   268
Westshore Estates 531   199

Click here to send us a message and help us fill in the blanks in the table above, if you know the information.

Page 5 of this Upper Fintry Water report dated Feb 2007 show lots with structures on them at Upper Fintry.

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Map of Beau Park - OKIB Reserve Expansion - Draft Map
This draft map also shows where RDCO (Central Okanagan) and NORD (North Okanagan) border meet.

Map of Beau Park - OKIB reserve expansion - DRAFT

Blue Divider Line


North Westside Fire Rescue Website has subdivision address maps (the ones posted at the bulletin boards)

**Tips for MapQuest** try "Central Okanagan" for Kelowna or "North Okanagan" for Vernon, and also try Spallumcheen V0E, or Okanagan-Similkameen.  Valley of the Sun is V1Z-3V?, Estamont and Ewings Landing is V1H-2E?, Head of the Lake is V1H, V1X, V0H for Westside Road. Maps

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State-of-the-Art Online Map System Unveiled

A new, more powerful and functional mapping system is now available for visitors to the Regional District of Central Okanagan website.

Communications Coordinator Bruce Smith says, “The new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program was developed by our staff, using the latest industry leading technology from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and using the Microsoft Silverlight development platform.”

Information Services Manager Richard Bruneau adds, “By utilizing Silverlight, online map users will be able to take full advantage of its powerful development tools, providing an engaging and interactive internet mapping experience.”

Bruneau says, “The new online GIS system uses the latest technology and replaces three older applications and an aging internal application. This will benefit the wide range of people that use the online mapping service, as well as Regional District staff and our Regional GIS partners from the municipalities of Lake Country, Peachland and the Westbank First Nation.”

Some of the great new features offered include:

Easy map navigation and searches for properties, roads or parks
View details of any map feature
Fully cached orthophotos for fast and seamless display
The ability to compare current with past orthophotos to view development history
Using a simple drag and drop the industry leading Document Management System allows users to link any number and type of document to any number of map features
For those who may not want to immediately move to the new map system, links will be left in place until the New Year to the older programs. The online maps are a very popular feature of the Regional District website. More than 37,000 visits have been logged so far this year to the GIS maps from over 11,000 unique visitors. The maps are often used by real estate professionals, consultants and staff and students from the University of British Columbia Okanagan and Okanagan College.

(November 8, 2011)

Source:  RDCO's What's New

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Vernon | Westbank | North or South Westside of Okanagan Lake | Winfield

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On you will find a directory of local Okanagan BC businesses, services, contractors, real estate, shopping, free classified ads, arts and crafts, vacation rentals, plus much more located in Westside Road, BC.  We will be adding to this site regularly, so come back and check for new additions often.

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Central Okanagan BC Sagebrush Mariposa Lily