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Only phone codes and cell phone codes

located around Okanagan Lake, B.C.

are listed here

and now there is a link below to all phone code prefixes in Canada.

Last Update March 05, 2017

Funny thought for the day.

I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone, just so I know not to answer when they call.

These land line and cellular phone number prefix's (listed nearer the middle of the page) are all for the (250) and (778) area codes which are based in the Okanagan BC, Kelowna, Westbank, Vernon, Penticton, Summerland, etc.

This list is made up from information gathered from regular people who arrive at this website.  Telus doesn't like to give out much of this information, so we are trying to gather as much information as we can from everyone, and put it together so we can all use it.  If you know a phone or cell number prefix not listed here, please tell us to list it by filling out this form does not guarantee that the cell and landline phone code prefix list below is accurate.

Land Line Phone Number Prefixes

Cell Number Prefixes

How to find where a phone number is located

How to get out of your cell phone contract early

Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium
Click here if you wish a more accurate phone number prefix list.

Don't dial 809 area code - Snopes phone scam warning

News 1130am reported July 28, 2011 that:

BC is getting a new area code! "236" will be rolled out in June, 2013.

The CRTC says it's adding the fourth area code because the Canadian Numbering Administrator thinks we will run out of numbers in BC by 2016. That's probably due to the rise in cell phone use.

The CRTC has also decided on a back-up area code for us: "672."

"604" was the only area code in the province until "250" was added in 1996. The "778" area code was added ten years ago.

Meantime, a new report has found wireless services grew by more than eight per cent across the country last year.

October 16 2008 - Someone has pointed us to a website with NXX codes for all the exchanges in Canada, and the website has a link to North America Numbering Plan Administrator.

The website Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium:

  • On the tool bar at the top of the page click on : CO Code Status

  • A drop down box will appear go down to: CO (Central Office) Code

  • A second drop down box appears click on: status.

On the left side is a list of all the NXX number for all the exchanges in Canada

  • Example: click on 250: it will list all the NXX numbers for all the agencies including cells.

  • Example: Telus, Bell West Inc. Bell Mobility, Norwestell, Roger AT&T, Group Telcomm Services, City West Cable and Telephone Corp.

On the site there are currently 48 NXX codes for the Central Okanagan: 212 to 980

On the website is a link to NANPA North America Numbering Plan Administrator, appears you can sign up for Notifications.

area codes 250, 236 and 778

Phone the B.C. Government for free using Enquiry B.C.

If you need to phone the BC Government and it is a long distance call for you, you may phone and ask Enquiry BC 1-800-663-7867 to put your call through for free.  Enquiry BC will ask you what city you are from and then put your call through without you incurring long distance charges.

LAND LINE PHONE PREFIX's for the (250), (236) and (778) area code in the Okanagan

241 Vernon
260 Vernon
275 Vernon
276 Penticton
404 Penticton
436 Kelowna (778 area code)
448 Kelowna
450 Kelowna
451 Kelowna
452 Westbank
454 Westbank - Lakeview Heights
469 Kelowna
470 Kelowna
477 Kelowna (778 area code)
490 Penticton
491 Kelowna (Rutland, Big White)
492 Penticton
493 Penticton
494 Summerland
  495 Osoyoos
496 Naramata
497 Kaleden
503 Vernon
542 Vernon
545 Vernon
  546 Armstrong
  547 Lumby
548 Oyama
549 Vernon
550 Vernon
558 Vernon
575 Kelowna
707 Westbank
712 Kelowna
713 Kelowna
 714 Nanoose Bay, Nanaimo
 715 Duncan, Cowichan
 716 Nanaimo
717 Kelowna
718 Kelowna
762 Kelowna
763 Kelowna
764 Kelowna
765 Kelowna
766 Winfield
767 Peachland
768 Westbank
769 Westbank - Lakeview Heights
770 Penticton
801 Kelowna
807 Kelowna
808 Kelowna
 838 Enderby
860 Kelowna
861 Kelowna
862 Kelowna
868 Kelowna
870 Kelowna
930 Vernon (778 area code)
979 Kelowna

KEYWORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINE: 250-241, 250-260, 250-275, 250-276, 250-404, 778-436, 250-448, 250-450, 250-451, 250-452, 250-454, 250-469, 250-470, 250-490, 250-491, 250-492, 250-493, 250-494, 250-495, 250-496, 250-497, 250-503, 250-542, 250-545, 250-546, 250-547, 250-548, 250-549, 250-550, 250-558, 250-575, 250-707, 250-712, 250-713, 250-714, 250-715, 250-716, 250-717, 250-718, 250-762, 250-763, 250-764, 250-765, 250-766, 250-767, 250-768, 250-769, 250-770, 250-801, 250-807, 250-808, 250-838, 250-860, 250-861, 250-862, 250-868, 250-870, 250-979, 778-436, 778-477, 778-930

CELLULAR PHONE PREFIX's for the (250), (236) and (778) area code in the Okanagan

212 Kelowna
215 Kelowna
253 Salmon Arm
300 Kelowna
306 Vernon
308 Vernon
309 Vernon
317 Kelowna
475 Vernon (778 area code)
478 Kelowna (778 area code)
515 Salmon Arm (250 area code)
540 Vernon
681 Kelowna
718 Kelowna
808 Kelowna
809 Penticton
859 Kelowna
862 Kelowna
863 Kelowna
864 Kelowna
868 Kelowna
869 Kelowna
870 Kelowna
878 Kelowna
932 Vernon (778 area code)
938 Vernon

KEYWORDS FOR SEARCH ENGINE: 250-212, 250-215, 250-253, 250-300, 250-306, 250-308, 250-309, 250-317, 250-681, 250-718, 250-809, 250-808, 250-859, 250-864, 250-868, 250-869, 250-870, 250-878, 250-932, 250-938, 778-475, 250-862, 236-, 250-515,

If you know a phone number prefix not listed, please tell us to list it here.  If we made a mistake, please let us know that as well.  Thanks,

B.C. newest area code, 236, starts ringing in this weekend
By Thandi Fletcher, The Province - May 31, 2013

B.C. newest area code, 236, starts ringing in this weekend

The proliferation of cellphones and other mobile devices has quickly exhausted the supply of phone numbers in existing area codes, so B.C. is introducing the new 236 exchange starting Saturday.

Say hello to 236.

B.C.’s newest area code will start rolling out on Saturday for anyone getting a new phone number.

The three new digits join the province’s existing codes — 250, 604 and 778 — which are still in effect.

In most areas, 236 likely won’t be popping up on the caller I.D. right away, said Telus spokeswoman Liz Sauvé.

“It’s only going to be given out as it’s needed,” said Sauvé.

The new code is being launched in response to increasing demand for phone numbers in B.C. following a surge in the number of smartphone and wireless device users.

Sauvé said it’s not uncommon for a family to have up to a dozen phone numbers with their home phone, work phones, personal cellphones and devices like Internet thumb drives that are also assigned phone numbers.

“A lot of people are assuming right now that the home phone is kind of going the way of the Dodo bird,” she said. “But we’re really finding that’s not true.”

Without the new area code, Sauvé said it is anticipated B.C. would have run out of available phone numbers before the end of the year.

The code will only be given to new phone numbers in communities where there is no longer enough available numbers within the existing area codes. As each area has a different supply of numbers, Sauvé said it’s hard to determine where the new code will be dialling in first.

Although Telus doesn’t expect there to be any hurdles during the transition, Sauvé said businesses that restrict long-distance calls do need to re-program their systems to recognize 236 as a local number.

Residential users won’t need to make any changes to their phones.

tfletcher "at"

© Copyright (c) The Province

Block your Bell cell number from showing when you call someone

To permanently block or display your mobile number on outgoing calls:

Log in to My Bell.
Click My services at the top of the page. If applicable, select your mobile phone.
Click the My plan & features tab.
Scroll down to Manage feature settings. Click Change for the caller ID feature.
Select to permanently Display or Block and click Confirm.
The steps for blocking and unblocking your mobile phone number on an individual call are different depending on which Bell Mobility network your phone or smartphone uses.

Do you know which network your device uses?


Don't know HSPA/UMTS
To block your mobile phone number on a per-call basis, dial #31# before each phone number you call.

To permanently block your number use your Call Settings menu or contact customer service for assistance.

If you have permanently blocked your number, you can unblock it on a per-call basis by dialling *31# before you dial each phone number.

To block your mobile phone number on a per-call basis, dial *67 before you dial each phone number.

To permanently block your number, please contact customer service.

If you have permanently blocked your number, you can unblock it on a per-call basis by dialling *82 before you dial each phone number.

New National Do Not Call List -
For cell phones and landline phones.  Registering on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) will not eliminate all telemarketing calls. There are exemptions within the Rules that may allow calls from organizations such as Canadian Registered charities, those with whom you have existing business relationships, political parties and newspapers.

Canadian Marketing Association - Do not contact service
The information you submit on their form will be used to stop unwanted direct marketing offers from organizations that use CMA's Do Not Contact Service. Your name will be added to this list, if you fill out their form in its entirety.

* Please Note: Consumers interested in reducing unwanted telemarketing calls should register their phone number with the National Do Not Call List operated by the Canadian government. For more information, visit or call 1-866-580-3625(DNCL).

Beginning September 12, 2008 all local calls within BC will require you to dial the area code (you will need to dial 10 digits instead of 7).  Starting June 23, 2007 there will be a permissive dialing period where you will be reminded to dial 10 digits if you dial only 7 digits without the area code.

To find where a phone number is, that is not on this list:

Search google for example 250-542- (replace the first and last three digits with your number) and the results will come up with phone numbers that start with that prefix.  You may find an address to go with the number and then you will know where that number is located.

Information on how you may get out of your cell phone contract early.

Report "Phone Scams" and "Internet Fraud" to the RCMP here.

Stop Spam Here
Canada's Task Force on Spam has designed this website to help you protect yourself from Internet threats. The site includes an array of statistics, tips and resources on spam, spyware and phishing, which can lead to identity theft.

Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) -  Spam IQ Test

Highlights of the Regional Board Meeting – Jan. 13, 2003
Economic Analysis of Toll Free Calling within Regional District of Central Okanagan to be Requested
The Board expressed interest in pursuing toll free calling within the boundaries of the Regional District.
The Board gave approval to a request from the District of Peachland asking Telus to prepare an economic analysis of toll free calling within the Regional District.  The analysis would also be accompanied by an estimate of costs for conducting a referendum, as per CRTC rules.

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