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Don't believe everything you read here unless you know it is fact as these comments below are only the writers own opinion which could be based on their own belief which may not always be true.

The comments here will not be edited!  The comments and opinions expressed here are of the writers own opinion and in their own words to protect the writers right to free speech and opinion.  Some of the paragraphs may be offensive to some.  If you are easily offended you should close this webpage.

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NAME: John
ADDRESS: Chilliwack
Date: June 22, 2013


look the government is using you like stupid sheep, the government is exploiting you, all the while sticking their hands deeper into your pockets. Why you ask? Don't you know? If you found an easy Patsy to milk for money it is not an easy temptation? Why is the government sticking their hands deep into your pockets.? It's simple you allow it because you're stupid to smoke in the first place. Every complaint on this website would not exist if you smokers had even half an ounce of a brain and did not smoke. But alas the government loves you and loves every complaint you write in any website. It shows them you're going to fight for your right to be stupid. You lose in every way and this is the end.

OkanaganLakeBC.ca says:  Hey John, we think your in the same boat when you don't smoke.  Government sticks their arm up your butt like a vet does to a cow, and pulls your money out of your hat too.  Look at the big wages paid to politicians.

NAME: Steve Burclow
ADDRESS: i aint givin an adress
PHONENUMBER: no phone number
EMAIL: eminemboy55 "at" hotmail.ca
Date: June 11, 2012


Look, I might be underage but this stuff about adult bullying, Most smokers start in theyre teens,I started when i was 11. Now i know this forum is meant to discuss why we should BAN smoking but lets be honest, We've tryed to ban Mcdonalds fast food restaraunts, We have tryed to sue these Companys but in reality the number of people who die from smoking is exaggerated. My proof being that if you have a family member die and you meet a couple people who have also had a family member die, You could start your own statistics. Look at mexico the they die from simple and more dangerous things, We outlaw gangs for a reason we outlaw drugs for a reason, But when you say. Ban cigarettes your opening up your own soceity to contraband, Cuban cigars Cigarettes, canadian classics, dumariers, Nexts red, #7's. We smoke it all, quitting smoking for a 40 year running smoker, is the equivalent to trying to quit heroine for alot of people, not only are you opening up contraband your raising prices and destroying propery values,Yes we still have contraband in canada for cigarettes, nicotine is a drug, it is addictive, not only are u destroying property value, these people are going to Want cigarettes so plz tell me im a stupid kid.

NAME: Bob Prowse
ADDRESS: box 135 Jaffray B.C.
GOVERNMENT: Other government
OTHERGOVERNMENT: Regional District Of East Kootenay
PHONENUMBER: 250 429 3053
Date: April 25, 2012


I sincerely disagree with Clark's "official" figure of $682 Million as Tobacco Tax Revenue collected. Pure POPPYCOCK ! Any 2 accountants given the same set of figures can easily give 2 very different scenarios based upon the slant they wish to portray, and Clark's #'s are skewed heavily to the downside. Not to follow Clark's dismal performance, I would ask anyone interested to do their own math. Latest #'s peg Smokers in B.C. numbering approx 575,000 in total across multiple age groups. Total Federal & Provincial Taxes on Tobacco products varies, but between 65% to 79% of total retail costs depending upon where you are, and B.C. nails it at 77% inclusive of HST. The published numbers for B.C. are 7900 cigs per smoker yearly, therefore how ever you wish to cut it, British Columbians are paying a Total Fed & Prov Tax grab somewheres in the 1.5 BILLION DOLLAR range. The simple fact is.....Governments are ADDICTED wholely to Cigarette tax revenues, without which, there would severe and acute funding deficits to both Federal and Provincial Governments across Canada. While I am a Non-Smoker myself, I take a sincerely prejudicial stance to Healthcare claims of a "cheaper' cost to our Healthcare System if non-smoking prevailed ?? Again, more BALONEY ! If it were not for Smoking Taxation, our already underfunded Healthcare system would utterly COLLAPSE outright ! Just my thoughts....

NAME: marvin mckay
ADDRESS: camperville
GOVERNMENT: Other government
PHONENUMBER: (204) 524-2478
EMAIL: opagun "at" live.com
Date: May 09, 2011


If smoking was really that bad how come we re not all dead.Years ago just about everyone smoked.my grandparents both smoked all their lives and worked well into their 70s,and they smoked rollies only,yes sir,no filter for them.if you gave them a filter cig they would break off the filter.personally i think most of this b.s. about smoking is a pile crap.if your gonna die,your gonna die period.like someone said automobiles cause alot of deaths and injuries every year,you don t hear anyone bitching about that.same goes for alcohol.i don t drink myself,used to,but i quit,but i don t bitch about it.just cut out the bullshit about smoking and lets get on with life or death. the governments can keep right on robbing us at lest they should have the decency not to preach to us.effen A..holes

okanaganlakebc.ca agrees with Marvin.

NAME: Dave Linge
ADDRESS: 445 Holbrook Road West
PHONENUMBER: 7787532209
EMAIL: 7Losec7 "at" gmail.com
Date: March 15, 2011


Great page! I am extremely upset that tobacco is so expensive. When I started smoking in 1976, a pack of Players Filter was .49 cents, and a pouch of Players tobacco was .60 cents. In 1989 a pouch of Players tobacco was $2.79, then OVERNIGHT it went up to $16.95!!! WTF!! Since then, I have been forced to smoke butts because I am on a disability pension and I can't afford tobacco anymore. Loose tobacco has always been the "poor man's" alternative to high-priced smokes, but when you roll a pouch of Players, it actually cost's MORE than tailor-made smokes. I grew my own tobacco in the past, but now I live in housing, so I can't grow anymore. Why are cigarettes imported from the USA that cost only $25 a carton there, sold in BC for $80 a carton? I want fair treatment by the government, so I signed up for your class-action lawsuit. Thanks again for this great page for us smokers!

*Note from okanaganlakebc.ca

Thanks for joining okanaganlakebc.ca in this initiative Dave.  Pretty sure we are not alone, and lets hope some others follow.

NAME: Anon
Date: May 15, 2010


Wonder why it is too hard for people to hold their breath for a minute as they walk by a smoker smoking outside by a businesses door... at least they are not smoking inside. I think some people would like to control the world. Too bad we were not all clones.

NAME: Vivian MacKinnon
ADDRESS: 1842 Abbott Street
GOVERNMENT: Regional District of Central Okanagan
PHONENUMBER: 250 861 1457
EMAIL: viv1001 [at] hotmail.com
Date: March 15, 2009


I was walking into the library today only to pass a smoker on his way out the door lighting up his cigarette. I did not notice on my way in the small sign about not smoking at the entrance and obviously neither did he. On the way out I saw the sign (the back side of it that is) and thought they should have larger signs posted out side as people who smoke do not seem to care I think. It is the same at The Bay entrance as numerous people smoke at the entrance way and you have to walk through the second hard smoke and I wonder to myself why they tell us it is harmful to us but do not take stronger measures to protect us. I think there should be enforcement and a fine at these entrances so people get the picture.

* Note from okanaganlakebc.ca in reply

Why can't hold your breath while you walk by?  Its only for a second.  Smokers have to go outside in the cold to smoke, and stay out there for several minutes.  Why can't you be happy to hold your breath for only a few steps while you walk by, and why do you want to push it further?  We bet you may be one of the people that think you are the only one that lives in this world.

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